Sunday, October 30, 2011

Outings with the EEs and Choua!

Weekends are going by too fast and I have less and less time to spend with my Korean friends...
This weekend was all filled with eating and more eating....Cooking and laughing....I love going to Seoul and cooking Hmong food with my EEs....Feels just like home! Pepper and everything...

I was super tired from eating and hanging with my Hadong Chingus...Got home, showered, and slept for an hour... Walked in the dark to the bus terminal and slept on the bus all the way there, best bus ride ever! I like it when I sleep, wake up and then I am there at my destination!!!

On the way, we stopped to capture the season change.... FALL is here and we love FALL!

Pho...Taste almost like HOME...Double the price too!!!
Sao and his girlfriend met up with us for lunch.
Then we headed over to Choua's Fave cupcake place!
Royal Cupcakes
It is delicious and a little pricey too! But I haven't has a good cupcake in a long time and this hit the spot for my craving!

Red Velvet...O so sweet and yummy!

Weekend was relaxing and great! I am going to miss the business of Seoul...Subways, walkways, buses and even the crazy taxis.... The thought of not coming back to see my Seoul Chingus with a four hour bus ride is kinda bittersweet! It's going to cost me a plane ticket next time!

Came home to relax and had a walk with my unnies....Met So Yeou's parents and made me miss mine! Her parents are so nice! Only if all of our parents all spoke one language!

About 16 days left!



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