Sunday, June 19, 2011

Haeundae Beach Weekend Getaway!

It was a great weekend, but no sun....The beach was still amazing and relaxing!

My view from my lounge chair, there was this Korean couple in front of us and the guy was in a speedo, i forgot to take pictures! :) But don't you wish that we had a parasol and lounge chair renting system in america? It was like 30,000 won for two of these and it was ours for the whole day!!!
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Backside shot!

This was after a swim in the ocean..we went in all the way!

Volleyball time! This was like my first time playing in Korea, oh how I miss playing!!! i got my team when we go over to Pajai's for a volleyball tournament. I already know who is on my team!

TGIF in South Korea! I was super hungry and it made my night....chicken, quesidilla, a huge Margarita and friends! And sharing a sip with Pajai....Photo credit to Mai Moua!

The guys after a late lunch early dinner!!! Who knew there were so many cousins here in Korea!
Long, Kou and Sao!

The girls! Missing a few.... Nugee we missed you and Maychee! next time for sure!

Paradise Casino was fun 30,000 won lost, but it was all worth it! It was worth trying a little luck here and there! My friend CECE won 50,000 won! That's about 50 bucks US dollars!

The group at Rock n Roll bar!!!
We ended the night on the beach with sparklers but I have no pictures of it! It was a great weekend getaway! If every weekend was like this, then I would stay here a little longer? JK

About for more months and then I am home for time for shopping and family fun.....
Summer is so hot, but there are so many things going on and so little time to fit everything in!

1) Visit Nugee
2) Visit Maychee
3) Go to a water park! Who's in?
4) shop for Korean souvenirs
5) buy gifts for family

I have been enjoying myself in South Korea and it'll be a bitter sweet departure once November comes, but I know I can always come back and visit in the future!

xoxo Phumee

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Busan Sand Festival

So after touring around Hadong, we headed down to Busan to meet more HMONG friends!

Brother Kou picked us up and went back to his apartment, where he made us some really really yummy papaya salad! It was so good that Nugee and I even drank the juice! :) Look how delicious it was....words can't describe it!

The Yangs only picture! Toni took it cause she is a Vue and us YANGS are just cool like that! :) We still want to hang out with you Toni so come on the 18th k?

Toni Kate Phu and Nugee going eye shopping (Window Shopping) @ Lotte...It was so big and full of Koreans.....Yet we just walked around and ate and ate some more after that!!!

Finally at the beach to find Boom and Longy! They were already there waiting and we had so much fun....eating and eating and more eating......All night long...Even after ten restaurants already, Nugee and Boom wanted some Korean street food, so we all ate of course again! Very cheap and affordable...some what delicious and filling. By this time it was already almost 2 AM in the morning!

So we pulled an all nighter...drinking and chillaxing on the beach with the sand castles and Koreans going into the Ocean....I dared then to go skinny dipping, but we just aren't that daring!
Next time we'll see who will actually do it! It was so much fun! Can't wait for more beach weekends to come!!!

Longgy Nugee and Toni....We literally just sat down, no mats or anything!!!

I am trying to enjoy my many days of Korea and then off to a new adventure! Where ever it may take me!

xoxoxo Phumee

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

7 months and counting!

Wow the month of May came by and went by so quick that not much happened! There were a few HOLIDAYS, but on Tuesday and Thursday so I couldn't do much....But I am so glad it's JUNE.... There are so many things planned and by the time I know it, September will be here and Maychee will be gone....then i will follow her shortly after.

Nugee, she is my cousin from the STATES also, arrived and haven't really spent time with her, but this past weekend was unforgettable! Nugee and Toni came to visit me in Hadong and we had a blast in my little town! Usually when people come we just cook Hmong food and eat...and eat...But this time we had a few extra hours and decided to go walk my river beach! But we squeezed in a little work riding...Well Toni and i did! :)

Then we walked across my town bridge and Toni saw a trail up the mountain, she insisted that we go up! I was like are you sure, but we did it and it was so worth it! Here we are at the top!!!
Another way down, an easier way, but we didn't know. Next time I know, but I won't tell you how to get there!

It was s fun day, but we topped it off with Busan at the Sand Festival! Thank you for visiting girls!!!