Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Basketball Game and Ladies Night Out!

My weekends are shortly coming to an end so I am trying to find time to do everything! And hanging out with all of my Chingus! Went to a Korean Professional Basketball game and the headed out to Busan with Nicole and Sarana! We met Kate and Kou there!

The game was fun, a great experience because I am overseas! I think our Fresno State Bulldogs are way better! :) But overall they were all good players! A view of their gym! Makes me miss going to the Save Mart Center....Which is like 5 times bigger!

Nicole, Phumee, Sarana and Mike!

Busan here we come! We were traveling all day and pretty much just ready to go out for a few drinks! We did just that!!! After eating pho at THE PHO, we got a room and went out as soon as we got ready!

Finally at the WA BAR...We had a drink or two and then went to a different place!
Thursday Party!!! Then Miss Sarana went and got us our Spider rings! This picture was so not planned! I was like yelling Sarana across the table!

Walking back to our room to get our cards...cause we drank up the bar and needed more?
Nicole spotted this PINK car and wanted a picture! So While Sarana and Nicole were posing, I walked by and he opened the door, I got in!
Only if I could have driven it! It was a guy's car, pretty cool huh?

Then as we were walking we bumped into all these beautiful ladies...then we stopped to ask where they came from and it was a beauty pageant! Then Miss Africa took a picture with us! Kou was so happy and this is also his FB profile picture!

Good times and I know I have plenty more good weekends to come my way!
Thank you Nicole Dore, I had a blast!

Beach Time!! We had to snap a picture because we were right by the beach and what's better than bar hopping and then sitting there all night talking!

Korea, you have been good to me, I am ready to go and back and return in 2018 for the Winter Olympics! Along with Maychee Lo, Toni, Nugee Yang, Shengmee Lo!

BTW, I have been surrounded with great friends and cannot ask for more!



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