Friday, September 19, 2014

Summer Part II in SK

As June ended, I was headed for South Korea!  I know I know... again, some people wondered why there again?  But there are reasons behind this...No, I am not in love with anyone there, but everyone! haha

One of the EE's (Shengmee) is getting married!!!  I couldn't be happier, since Maychee and I did hook them up.  Let me count, one...two... I think this is couple number 3 or 4 for me! I need to step up my game and become a professional matchmaker already.

I arrived and Youngju picked me up! Sweetest Friend award!  Went to Sheng's place and took it over.  I was super tired!  She gave me things I needed and off we went to dinner.  This was so embarrassing, but I am gonna blog about it anyway.  As I pulled out a chair to sit in, I fell.  Like a complete idiot!  But it's Korea and no one knew me...Plus I was still new.  (Technically not, but o well I had been gone for almost 3 years.)  The chair was like 3 legged...Trust me anyone would have fell in that thing.

Went around Seoul...Things have changed, but yet I remember everything that I was used to.  Sheng's subway station and those massive stairs up like 5 floors...Nugee and I would always ride the elevators up and down, even the elevators were confusing!!! Maychee, remember the first time you picked me up to go to Sheng's...I was tired and out of breath.  I didn't use the elevators then, now I always use them coming up!  Another Friend Award goes to SoYeoun.

At last, I arrived in HADONG again!  Same smell, same scenery and same people!  New buildings and new foreigner friends!  I smiled. I think I even teared up a little.  Why did I come back? What am I doing here again? All these questions going through my brain.  I wiped that little happy sad tear drop and smiled.  12 months, I can do it.  I mean if not, I can just get on a jet plane and leave!

It rained almost everyday after I arrived.  I took this photo after it cleared up and literately an hour late it poured again!  Who doesn't want to live here?

Seems like ages ago, I can't even remember.  It was just over whelming the first few days...weeks...and finally now it has started to feel normal.  The first few weekends were super HOT so we did a lot of swimming in Hawgae (the valley) and went to Namhae Beach.

My River.

The Valley
(where we go swimming)

Another crazy thing happened, I went to Seoul for training and came home, but realized that I had bought the wrong date ticket to come home! My luck, this only happens to new comers! Why me?? Lesson learned. I just took a detour and went to Jinju to meet friends and got a ride home. 

Kou and Sheng came to visit towards the end of July!  Swimming...Singing...Eating and more Eating.

The gang after a day of swimming and eating!

August 23rd
Went to Seoul and then Sheng and I went on the train to visit the Clifton's.  We had dinner on base at Chili's. Didn't get to do much, long story, we missed our train so we were about 2 hours late!  We will make our train next time! I enjoyed being on based.  (An American Army Base.)  Got American toothpaste and chocolate there!


New Faces.....New Friends.

Hadong isn't the same without the old gang, but the new gang is just as cool!  Sunday fun day with the Hadong friends!! Bren, Soyeoun, Patrick and Barnnard!

A lot has happened, so I shouldn't postpone these blogs...It's almost time to write the September blog...I hope...I will remember to blog sooner so the events and memories are fresh!! I am so excited for FALL, WINTER and MAYCHEE.  I cannot wait for all the crazy events along with the HOLIDAYS!!!  

I wanna end with a quote! 

Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while pursuit of something else. -L