Sunday, November 18, 2012

My ♥ for the TWILIGHT SAGA!

So yes, I finally saw it and now it is over.
  My EDWARD.  

My love started one day, my last year before I graduate from college, during Spring Break.
Anywho, long story short, it was during one of my uncle's funeral when the first Twilight came out.  My crazy sister in law and her sisters were reading the books, very intensely.  I told them they were crazy,I mean come on vampires????

I didn't give a rats about it!  

Fast forward, to next April...Spring Break.  I was bored n never saw the movie in the theater.  So my sister, Amanda, was like here watch it, illegally online.  It was dark and the volume wasn't even great.  She had to kinda explain to me what was going on...the deer and things...well the whole vampire thing.  hahaha

I immediately fell in love with EDWARD CULLEN.
(his character)

Then I went insane and read TWILIGHT in like a day or two.
New Moon followed and finished it with Eclipse.

I wanted more, but reading BREAKING DAWN got a little boring so I stopped.

Waited patiently for the rest of the movies to come out.  Yes, I have a twilight button, purse, and DVD.
Did not like NEW MOON.  ECLIPSE was better, but I love love TWILIGHT.
I think because that was the start of it all. 
(I will always love TWILIGHT.)

So yes, I eventually finished all the books and saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 when I got back from South Korea last year.  This year, the reason for this blog was/is because I finally saw Part 2 tonight.

I don't know how I feel yet, we'll see where this blog takes me.

I am happy that no one died.  For a second there, I was going to loose Carlisle and Jasper.  Thank goodness.  I forgot alot of the book, but it's ok.  I am still like, what? that's it? Wasn't there more?
I think I wanted more.  Overall I think I am happy with the way things ended.

I guess, I am not sure because I have to watch it a second time and maybe I am not ready to see my EDWARD go?

Who knows, but my 


is happy.




Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Summer 2012

So SUMMER is finally here!  It has been HOT HOT here in the Central Valley, but it is pretty cool at night. I think back to my time in SK and it seems like it was just yesterday! I have to say, I miss it and alot of t!
I have never watched so much Kdrama in my life.  I think it is because I can relate to it now, as in before things that they did wasn't familiar. Next up with Phumee???  Nothing....I have no idea, but as long as it involves traveling, I am game.  I need to start a new career or life.   O Fresno....Can't get away from you too long, but has it been long enough....

A new city? Okay, Real Talk...I got a job down south, but didn't take it for various reasons....housing, income, people, economy.....and many more.  But I think that if more people were willing to make this big move, I'd be up to doing it again!  Nugee, you are brave!  I just don't know what to do anymore....I always said if I had never left for Korea, I would still be doing the same thing...and I am over it.  I will not go back to any of my old I need new ones!  I wanna be in college again....Undergrad that is!

Lately, the SK ladies have all been on this speed dating or fast track dating thing...Maychee and I need to jump on the band wagon! hahaha  Maybe not!  Well, Sheng first.  It seems that with age we grow wiser and do not want to settle for less, but seriously what is less.  In every race and culture there seems to be this indivisible standard that everyone has for us young and unmarried to find our future partner.  But does all that really matter?

The Koreans from what I see are super picky and upfront about what they want, but is it working?  Or does it work??? I had a friend who went on as much as two to three blind dates in a day....I often wonder, Did it work out for you?  It did and it didn't....She found a great man to satisfy her needs only after meeting him once, but because of where he lives, she turned him down.  All this happen with one blind date that turned into coffee after and countless times on the phone.  But one quick decision to break their almost engagement.    Long story, he was perfect, but from a country that was too scary to live in.  (He was Korean also.) So she decided to not go on with the relationship.  Only time will tell if the decision was a good one.  Okay enough babbling after I let my opinion about the HMONGs out!

OKAY I guess Hmoob is weird too in a way!  lol   I guess I'll keep my opinion to myself!  hahaha  Well until I am 28 years old.  (28 years old is only 2 years away!!)I will say, I do sometimes think, what if we all grew up like our parents.  I would love to see what or how we would all be like...yes ten children and all.  

Our dear Shengmee came to visit, and since Nugee came back, we've been seeing alot more of each other!
Sheng came for her cousin's wedding, which is Maychee's sister...I know confusing right...But all that matters is Sheng got to spend her big BDAY with us and her family.

Maychee   Shengmee   Phumee   Nugee
EEs Reunion
May 2012

Nugee is starting her new adventure and decided to stop by and visit...So we had another SK reunion.  Pho and Dog House was requested by Nugee and the Tchaa!!  All Delish!!!

Nugee   Cecee   Phumee
Cece, we gotta add another "e" if you wanna be cool!
June 2012

So it will be awhile until I have something to babble again....Hopefully something exciting will happen or I will start a new adventure.  I am excited to see what's next for me too, trust me, I wish there was someone  to hold my hand and tell me what to do.  But never mind, I think I would hate it at the same time.

Until next time,


Friday, April 6, 2012

March Madness!!!

O March was MADNESS!!!

So many things happened in March! And I have caught most of it on Camera!!!

Cousin CHOUA came to visit and we had an Fresno/Clovis adventure..
Boba from Pearl Tea House...
Red Velvet Cupcakes from 2 different places!!
(she did a mini review on them too!)
And ate Hmong food..(home cooked)
went to Pajai's Wedd
Stayed up all night to chat with Nugee and Sheng

O Sweet Pajai!!
Pajai and Jerry Yang

Kabzaug and I at the wedding!

My Baby Akeean turned 3!
O no..the terrible threesss...
AS sweet as can be...
And FINALLY....a MTT party that I had to think about...the outfit part!!!
That was fun and again, Happy Bday Kabzaug!
us @ Tiff's housewarming party...
Great house!!
I am getting married there! lol

Then my niece Cat turned 16!
So many birthdays!!
Finally....Lady A concert!!!

Our xmas gift from my sister Pahoua!

You think March was crazy...I already see April as busy as can be!!!

Decisions decisions...I feel you Maychee LO!!!

to go or not to go?
to stay or not to?
o LIFE!!!
so many decisions...



In need of a new adventure! Take me somewhere!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

......Feb Fun & Finds....

So we have a leap year this year!! This means I should do something great, fun and exciting, but what?? Happy hours? or Just another day!!!

So after two months of being unemployed, I decided to get a side job until I can go somewhere?? Or do something GREAT...But I think I kinda am!!

After two whole weeks at this school in Fresno, I have decided to really get my credential and teach...Poor Hmong kids need help! I mean some are smart, but some just needs a little help!
Who knows what I will do, but it has def filled a little piece of my heart!

I miss working with Hmong Kids...They are so funny including all the children on that side of town! They appreciate every little thing and don't want the "want"things that kids have. I am sure they do, but care less about it!

Although I miss my Hangul kids dearly!!! Who wouldn't when they are this cute?

Some of the little girls...They were super cute, even now when we skype, they are still so shy!

Early Bday dinner with Ong and Jamie!
3 different kinds of tequila!

Thanks ladies...A night of surprises and celebration!

My new fave bracelet!!
(After I got it, wore it and went to a family event, fell and it broke...Sadly I fixed it!)
I seriously would have cried, if there weren't a million people!

Sunday rolls around and we went to the park!

Then we played soccer, Thaos against Yangs...Tied game!

The month is coming to an end and I seriously do not want March to fly by too!!

I am blogging everyday in I can at least try to make my life more interesting?
or keep track of what I am doing, if I am really wasting my days!!



Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb ♥

Can you believe it? It has been about three months since Korea and two months since Laos...

What have I been doing? ABSOLUTELY nothing to improve my life! :) Well a little, I got to hang out with the kiddos and do all the dirty MOMs' jobs!

-soccer runs
-pick ups
-drop offs
-late nights with them
-all the things in between

The kids and I have been going to local parks!

Hanging with the ladies...LOGANS happy hours!

Finally out of FRESNO for a day!!!
My fave getaway place!

The the start of a new month!!!
I went to SAC with Ong! We had crawfish for dinner!
(of course we shared with Nelson, but I bet we could eat all 5 lbs huh ONG?

One of the purpose of the trip was to visit my chingu, May from KOREA.
She is here on vacation and I had to see her!
♥ u May!

What's next with Phumee???

That's my question too! Any ideas? Give me some, I am in need of inspirations....
I am ready to go on another vacation, so my goal is to not waste another month.
So bring it on REAL LIFE, I am not ready, but I am going to overcome it!

More roadtrips and life changing events soon and will share soon!

25 years on this planet EARTH.



Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cousins galore!!!

December 7, 2011

So my Dad's long lost cousins came to visit us at the Hotel we were staying at! So my dad rented 3 rooms for them and they are from like the mountains, mountains....Like they have never used a shower before and a flush-able toilet! They came to us because going to their town was impossible, I heard it was like so narrow, that the car just goes up and up like a stairway to Heaven??? :) Too dangerous for Americans to go..... Then we took them to the famous temples there and out to eat lunch!

There were so many tourist....First visit for the cousins and us!

Group picture with all of them!!!
Random picture of everyone!

Last of one of the temple!!!

Had a great time getting to know them and their daily life in LAOS......My Dad's goal was halfway accomplished, one more cousin to visit and then his trip will be complete! I think that they live a good life, rich with family and livestock. They might not have all the things that we have, but they are happy and healthy. The simple life!

I will finish my Laos blog and then blog about post Korea and Laos after one month!!! Getting bored in this town! or the US of A period???



Friday, January 6, 2012

Laung Prabrang

December 5, 2011

Last day in Xieng Khoung....Another road trip to a new city....Laung Prabrang...

Good byes at my uncle's house!
I had a great time with Nyab, my cousin sister in law, and her kids!
She took me shopping, but more like I paid for everything! hahaha I enjoyed it and everything was cheap!

In Laos there is this intersection where it divides into three main road.
One goes to Vientiene, another one goes to Xieng Khoung and last, but not least the last one goes to Laung Prabrang! I was telling my Dad, Laos is so easy, I practically know my way around the country now! LOL Not!

Took us a whole day to get there and we found a place to rest and sleep.
That night we went to the night market and found a cheap buffet, it was ok, didn't taste as good as food that we were used to, but it was full filling.

December 6, 2011

Woke up and went to go tour the famous city Laung Prabrang!

The Hmong gang from America, except my Aunt that lives there. ( Far Right)

We made a quick stop by the Mekong River. This side of the river doesn't go to Thailand, but I did get a chance to go and see it from Vientiene.

This stop is special because my Dad came to visit his long lost cousins. It was kinda hard getting in touch with them, but finally they called and said they were on their way and will arrive soon.

We had a few hours til dark, so we decided to go to their National Waterfall Park.

Reminded me of Thailand and the waterfalls there, I sometimes that they are neighbors and how similar they are.
We stopped and took pictures like everywhere, well I took most of the pictures and snuck into a few of them.
Here is to a great background, minus my sweater that is hanging from the rail. It got super hot in the afternoon so we all took off our sweater. Laos also had some crazy weather!!

Beautiful!!! I need to travel and sit to paint all these beautiful scenery!!!
That means I need to start taking Art lessons!!!

New adventures with the cousins soon.....



Him Mum Pheeb

December 4, 2011

This is the day!!! We are going back to visit the old village that my parents lived before coming to the US of A. It was amazing that my dad can remember every road and walkway that he used to walk on. Where all their fields were and where all the relatives used to live.

Preparing to go...and stopped at a cousin's house before going. They still live there!

My dad and the cousins!

A quick stop by the pretty flowers! O so fun!

Their live stocks!

Going there brought back alot of good memories for my parents and I feel they truly miss their home, but they have def moved on to call AMERICA their home.
As for me, I have just always wanted to go come back with my parents so that I can relive it through them!

O the beautiful!

Life seems so simple, but yet you have to work so hard.

After a day in the old village, it was time to go back home and relax before heading out to Laung Prabrang. What a great day!