Monday, March 31, 2014

I ♥ NY Part 2

Thursday night was a blast!!!  We couldn't wait til the next outing.
 Recap of THURSDAY night!  Finally found a photo with Zabeth!

Woke up fine due to all the craziness.
(Laughing thinking about it.)
Whatever happens in NEW YORK stays in NEW YORK!
Finally, FRIDAY comes and it was going to be a CENTRAL PARK kind of DAY!
(By this time, we were almost pooped out.  Felt like we have been there for eternity.)

 So many things that I wanted to see and do because of these movies.
(Home Alone, Vanilla Sky, Serendipity, Breakfast at Tiffany's....etc..) 
Too early in the year for any kind of major events.  

Volleyball, Fishing, Carriage Ride, Baseball and many more are things I will def go back and do there.  Maybe in the warmer weather.  The New Yorkers were telling us that people were inside all winter. It just so happened that the weekend we were there, people were starting to come out! YAY, we brought sunshine all the way from CA.

Had some major street cart food!
 Lee wasn't the only one who ate, I just took pictures of her eating it! 

Can't leave NY without walking down 5th Avenue!

SUPER SHOPS and crazy SHOPPERS from all over.
Tempted to walk in and come out with a nice purse, but nah..that's 4 months of car payments and a vacation overseas to my favorite countries.  Got a birthday gift for Cat and a few chocolate items, we used the bathroom and ATM, off we went to K Town.

Little Brother Mo came to meet us because we are AWESOME.

We told him, he was obligated to due to the fact that he had that FRIDAY off! 
And he did!  HMOOB LOVE hahaha

Soju, Faceshop, Chicken and a little of KOREAN TOWN brings back so many memories! 

The pre gamers @ HD and Little David's APT.

(Guess who never made it out?)

Good times!  CA over NY any day.  JK 
I love NEW YORK!
And the PEOPLE.

Thank you for making this a night to remember!
(Ten I See, Mo, Pao, D, HD, David's Social Worker Friends, 
and all the awesome New Yorkers that we met.)

Ended with a BANG! 
( A tornado went through Cousin Xai David's bed.)
ONLY Yer will remember that TORNADO!
(Tornado Little David)

LAST official day in the BIG APPLE.

Brunch with the new Friends and it's 5 o'clock somewhere cause those mimosas were delish!

 (Highland, Chelsea Market, Hudson River, Jersey, 
and West Village tour!)

Walked all day touring THE WEST VILLAGE.  Saw DVF, next time will walk in and buy a piece of something.  Little Brother Mo is going to own some CONDOS near there, and he offered to let us live in one.  PROMISES have been made and they better be kept! I will keep mine hahaha

Had pho, guac and more drinks!

Last stop, TIME SQUARE!
Don't have a photo of it, but the best street vendor food.
Little Brother came back to the APARTMENT and tried it.  As he was enjoying it, he reviewed it.  Took another bite, reviewed it, took another bite and reviewed it some more like a food critic.  

Farewell NYC.
Until we meet again, it was super fun and exciting.  EAST COAST!

Weekend trips are definitley in the future plans as long as the NEW YORKERS welcome us back!  
Our new BFFs.   

Again, Good Times!
HD and Little David, thank you again!  I hope it is back to normal now for you two!

My gibberish...and what I remember of our trip!  haha 
Didn't need to include everything because it will always be in our memory!
Thank you LADIES (Lee and Yer) for such a great and memorable trip, with many more to come before we all tie the knot! (If we ever.) 
EEs Let's go one day PLEASE.




Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I ♡ NY

Finally, I visited 
New York City!!

Day 1 

I have never been, but always talked about going.  Like I always say, I love love NEW York, but I have never been.  I was in love with New York and it was my favorite city even before going.  ( Blame the media.)
 Landed by myself and went to Cousin Xai David's apartment.  I didn't feel like I was in New York until the subways and the people.  Buildings are definitely just like big cities in CA, but the people are nothing like Californians. 

Went to breakfast with Seinfeld.  Cool little place, super friendly! 

Strolled around Central Park by myself.  The Girls (Lee and Yer) didn't arrive til later in the afternoon and Cousin Xai went to work!  The park was quiet, and boring.  Still cold out so not much to do, everyone was still inside keeping warm and it was in the morning, people were out and about their daily routines.

Not so green,, wrong season, but still all worth going and people watching!

A little sight seeing with the Ladies!!

Lunch @ Schnipper's

(Time Square, Forever 21, Grand Central Station, Cake Boss Bakery)

Went back to the apartment to get ready for
dinner with the amazing and cool Cousin Xai David!!! His favorite pizza place and all of ours, of course,  after we ate two whole pizzas!!! TWO! By the way, there is only one way of eating pizza in New York.  
And we ate it the New Yorker way!  

We got a little of the Brooklyn Bridge and their little lock of loves.

First night out in the BIG APPLE!!! 
(beer pong and a cool bar.)

New York, please have public bathrooms, peoples' bladder cannot hold too much!
I am laughing and thinking about this night, no names shall be named. 
Whatever happens in NY stays in NY!

Who leaves the subway to go back to a bar and use the restroom? 

It was only our first day and the time felt like a week.  Almost, but not quite ready to come back home!

Day 2 was easy, we decided to go to the Bronx Zoo.  Due to NY's cold Spring, the animals were not ready to come out yet.  We saw a few animals, but plenty of PEACOCKS.  They roamed the Zoo freely and was probably one of the best highlight of the day!  

Got on the subway, not really lost, but a few subway mistakes here and there.  Finally got to Chinatown to eat the Famous Vanessa's Dumplings!  Sooo cheap and delish!  We spent like 20 and got meals for days! 

Later that evening was dedicated to a comedy show!  hahaha 

 Walking from Chinatown to Washington Square was an adventure within itself.  Tried to stop at every bar and take a shot...Good or bad idea?  If u ask me, I say good.  It was super cold walking and as we drank more, it got warmer, even too warm at our destination place.  (FOUR FACED LIAR)

The Ladies and I were meeting up with David.  David is Cousin Xai David's Roomate.  I know, I know, confusing, so many DAVIDS...There's more... There is a big David, a medium David and a little David.  That is another story for another time!

We got out $$$ worth of laughing!  The few guys were pretty funny.  Oddly seemed like they were with us the entire trip cause they be capping jokes on us or our conversations.  
(Double Chins, Getting pulled over, Depends)

Leaving the show, it poured and poured.  We were troopers and went at the rain like we owned it!
The DAVIDS were troopers, stayed and chatted until the weeee hours of night time and they both work in the AM.  Good times fellows!

Day 3 with the Statue of Liberty.

Went to do the whole Staten Island and tourist things down south Manhattan. 

Saw Ground Zero.

Finally had time to tour the rest of Chinatown and got some goodies. 
Chinatown = SAME SAME in every city!

Round 3 of outing in the BIG APPLE.
(Gaslight. So much fun, didn't make it anywhere else.)

 Zabeth and Mo came out on a THURSDAY NIGHT.  Officially adopted a little NY brother, Mo.

NY cannot handle us CA Ladies.

To be continued....Part 2.