Monday, February 27, 2012

......Feb Fun & Finds....

So we have a leap year this year!! This means I should do something great, fun and exciting, but what?? Happy hours? or Just another day!!!

So after two months of being unemployed, I decided to get a side job until I can go somewhere?? Or do something GREAT...But I think I kinda am!!

After two whole weeks at this school in Fresno, I have decided to really get my credential and teach...Poor Hmong kids need help! I mean some are smart, but some just needs a little help!
Who knows what I will do, but it has def filled a little piece of my heart!

I miss working with Hmong Kids...They are so funny including all the children on that side of town! They appreciate every little thing and don't want the "want"things that kids have. I am sure they do, but care less about it!

Although I miss my Hangul kids dearly!!! Who wouldn't when they are this cute?

Some of the little girls...They were super cute, even now when we skype, they are still so shy!

Early Bday dinner with Ong and Jamie!
3 different kinds of tequila!

Thanks ladies...A night of surprises and celebration!

My new fave bracelet!!
(After I got it, wore it and went to a family event, fell and it broke...Sadly I fixed it!)
I seriously would have cried, if there weren't a million people!

Sunday rolls around and we went to the park!

Then we played soccer, Thaos against Yangs...Tied game!

The month is coming to an end and I seriously do not want March to fly by too!!

I am blogging everyday in I can at least try to make my life more interesting?
or keep track of what I am doing, if I am really wasting my days!!



Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb ♥

Can you believe it? It has been about three months since Korea and two months since Laos...

What have I been doing? ABSOLUTELY nothing to improve my life! :) Well a little, I got to hang out with the kiddos and do all the dirty MOMs' jobs!

-soccer runs
-pick ups
-drop offs
-late nights with them
-all the things in between

The kids and I have been going to local parks!

Hanging with the ladies...LOGANS happy hours!

Finally out of FRESNO for a day!!!
My fave getaway place!

The the start of a new month!!!
I went to SAC with Ong! We had crawfish for dinner!
(of course we shared with Nelson, but I bet we could eat all 5 lbs huh ONG?

One of the purpose of the trip was to visit my chingu, May from KOREA.
She is here on vacation and I had to see her!
♥ u May!

What's next with Phumee???

That's my question too! Any ideas? Give me some, I am in need of inspirations....
I am ready to go on another vacation, so my goal is to not waste another month.
So bring it on REAL LIFE, I am not ready, but I am going to overcome it!

More roadtrips and life changing events soon and will share soon!

25 years on this planet EARTH.