Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week 2

So I missed out on good old Black Friday sale. So my students took me shopping this weekend! Alyssa and Clara. BTW, I am still in need of an Korean Adapter for my American hair products. So yes my hair has been wavy and nasty. So its up most of the time!

I bought a few items, but not enough to send anything to anyone. I will do more shopping when I have time, so be patient. Or I will just bring goodies when I come back. There isn't much shopping here because I live in a small town. So I cannot wait until I go to the bigger cities.

Despite of all that is happening here, I am safe. Had a lot of people wondering if I was safe. I am and when it gets any more dangerous I will definitely fly back home. As of right now, I am and will be safe. Thank you all your concerns and I am thinking of all of you too!

So I thought I would share my daily schedule with all of you, my friends and family.

My day starts late, because I go to bed around 2 or 3 AM. I wake up around 8 or 9 in the morning. Get ready and chat with my family in America because it's usually like 6 there. Then I head to work at the English Academy at noon. I prepare my lesson plans and wait for the students to get there. They start arriving around 2 PM. Then I have about 5 to 6 classes a day. I love it and it's so much fun watching them learn and talk in English. They are very bright! I end the day around 9, but since its testing season, I am volunteering to stay behind and help with the other teachers, only til like 9:30. I go home and Facebook . That's my day!

I love my weekdays because I actually have something to do. After testing season, my Korean teacher and I will start traveling. And my fellow Korean friends, May Chee and Kou will visit soon, I hope. :)

So the other day in class, my Korean students, Billy and Ian, were singing Kelly Clarkson, "Because of You." It was so cute! I will record and share soon.

So my diet has not been good. I have been eating ramen noodles and Frosted Flakes. When I am craving for rice, I go buy chicken on a stick from a little cart. The same lady that sells the tempura! I also eat out, but only on weekends!

Big news! I will be moving Wed to a new house with my Korean Teacher, Joan. She is awesome and make me feel a little like home here in Korea. I am glad she is my Korean Co teacher. I will post up pictures soon! And of course pictures of the new place also.

I have so much free time so I went through all of my old photos and it's now up on Facebook! I miss the old days and I am so blessed with many great friends and cousins! We did a a lot of damage! :) I am looking for more good days to come!!! I will be back soon!



Saturday, November 20, 2010

One week....

So about a week and a half later in this country, I am officially home sick! I really really want to go back home, but I can't. I like it, it's just very very lonely and coming from a big family will make anyone sick. I do not know how people can join the army, navy or anything and be away from family and their home. I realize now how much they sacrifice for our country. 51 weeks left to go and then I am home for good!

So I cooked last Sunday because I had time and went shopping. My plan is to cook every Sunday, but today feels like a lazy day to me. That picture is of the pork stir fry I cooked. No rice because I do not have a rice cooker yet. But I have been out eating rice.

Yesterday, I went to eat at like a Dim Sum place, but Korean food. It was okay, so far my favorite is Stuffed jalapeno Asian style....deep fried!

My classes are going great! The kids are adorable and they are very eager to learn the language. These parents never see their kids because after school, they come straight to the Academy. They stay til like 9:15 every night and if you are in junior high, they stay til 9:50 PM.
We, American kids think we go to school all day, think again? :) Most of them do not even complain about being there. It's a part of their culture.

I can't really post up pictures here, but look for pictures in Facebook.

I am looking forward to letters and emails so please write me. Keep me entertain, I am always looking for things to do. And the only things really is reading emails and facebook comments. I have to last a year here! Oh and come visit me in South Korea!

Phumee Yang
South Korea Gyeong Nam Hadonggum Hadong
Eup. Euperi 238-4
667-801 (E Bo young's Talking Club)

I will write back! Please include a address when writing to me!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

South Korea

I made it to South Korea! OMG so much has happened in like three days. So the flight was wonderful. (I love flying long distances!) I get to watch movies and the screen is all mine. It's a perk that I love that comes with flying overseas!

I am missing home, but it's all part of growing up and finding oneself going away to a new foreign country. (note to self: next time in the states!) I am so blessed to have good family, cousins, and friends who are supporting me with this journey! It gets super lonely and I wished it was a drive away, but today made it perfect for the rest of my 362 days left here in SK.

The first few days were tough, I didn't have internet or friends, I met my co-teacher, which he was late to pick me up at the Busan airport, but later found out he is my BOSS. :) He never mentioned that he was my boss, but he was the one who asked if I liked beer. So Koreans drink with their boss!!!

I started to observe the classes and I finally taught yesterday, Friday, my first day. It's not easy teaching English. The kids are super cute when they talk in English. I sound weird cause I do not have an Korean English Accent. So the kids are getting use to my English. For example, What is your name? They answer Andy, I repeat Andy? they say no, R A N D Y....or they say Nico and its really Nicole. LOL The joys of teaching overseas!

So my plan of eating healthy and not so much fast food = fail....I have been eating out everyday with the co-teachers/BOSS!!! They are all spoiled rich adults, who only eats out because they work too much to learn how to cook or their mom cooks for them. but seriously, they do work hard. They run the Academy and it's a private family owned English school. But back to the good and yummy food, we went to Outback Steak House, Korean BBQ, and a local Pub where they hang out and drink all the time. Will post up some pictures, i did not take many due to I didn't want to look like a tourist.

So, so far I am loving it here, if every weekend was like today, I will survive, but I have internet connection now so maybe I won't be as bored when they are not with me. Haven't had much shopping time, but when I do I will def post pictures. Their clothes are super expensive, esp at their mall.



Monday, November 1, 2010


So I officially bought my plane ticket to go teach overseas! I never in a million years would think I leave my family and live on my own. I would miss out on everything from the kids growing up to birthday parties and super much more, but I will always be their favorite AUNTIE....Plus my nephew, Muachi said he would miss me, but since I am going to be sending him Bakugans, he would only miss me a little! I love him, he's one of a kind! They all are in their own little ways......

This is totally awesome because it gives me a chance to start this blog. I have always wanted to after I saw Julia and Juliet....I still want to do the whole cooking thing, but maybe after this whole teaching overseas experience or maybe I could do it together? With all the free time I am going to have away from my family and friends that I love dearly here in the states. Oh And Lina, Ong, Paj, Al, Annda, Chong & Uey etc.....we are cousins, not friends, I didn't forget about you guys! Please keep me updated on your daily lives as well other than Facebook. I want all the good juice!

This gives me a week to get everything together and go. I got some great inside scoop on what to bring and not to bring from friends over there already, so thank you Brother Kou and my dear Thailand friend, May Chee. You two are the best, just know I will be calling and facebooking you two often!!! We should all meet too after I settle in and everything so keep your calendars clear before the holidays!

Check back for more news!!! and yes Martha I want in on the prize giveaway!!! I think I am gonna win it and you have to ship it here, I'll return the favor! :)