Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A wrap of August!

Did this year go by fast or was it just me? I cannot believe that 10 months have gone by and I will be back in the States in about 2 months! This month was totally a blast and it felt like I was on vacation this entire month! Us cooking at Sheng's and we used a vitamin water bottle to make papaya, yes! And it was delicious!!!

So this is a picture of my chingus...they were all so tired after eating and decided to take a quick nap before we go off into the night.... Another great night in Seoul!

I just had to capture it! I only put it up because you can't see their faces!

So after a great meal at Sheng's we went to go get BUBBLE TEA and we all decided to pull out our many subway maps! Maychee just happen to catch us and caught a kodak moment! I think pretty soon I won't need that map anymore! I already know where all the places I go are!!! And need to go!

Thai Garden once again with the HMONG people and it was delicious!!!

Girls picture outside!

This is one with the group!
We added the guys! Except Sao the photographer!

And then we all headed over to the HAN RIVER!

It was my first time there and I loved it! Next time I am going to go during the day time!
People watch and have a drink with my friends!

These are the moments I am going to miss the most! Friends and Cousins just hanging out doing nothing and no plans!!! I will miss the people that I have met and I will always remember our many laughs and joy!

Countdown begins!!!

10 weekends and I am back in the USA!
Chusok weekend with Maychee, Nugee, Choua and Sheng!
Dinner weekend!
Daegu with Nugee!
Weekend in Cheonju with May!
Busan with Kou!
Ubujeong with Nugee!
Halloween weekend!

More weekends in Hadong to play Sloshball!



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School

In America, it is back to school time! And you know what that means...Shopping and getting new things to use for the school year! It means new clothes, lunch pail, backpack, shoes and stationary items! I really do miss BACK TO SCHOOL shopping!! My parents were the best, they gave us a decent amount of money and it was a shopping spree to buy whatever we needed and more! I could have bought two nice purses, darn too late now!

I am sad that I did not get to see my little babies go to their first day of school, but it is not like I have seen them before also! I have always had to get up early and go to work! But these are moments that we can't miss because they all grow up way too fast and by the time we know it, it will be their HIGH SCHOOL graduation! I will be home for the new batch of kiddos, I think, 2 more years and the triplets ( Akeean, Carradee and Lexis) will all be going to preschool!!!

Toddler Muachi!

Bryant Muachi Thao rocking it out in Preschool!

Now a big 3rd grader! Watch out girls...He is such a sweetheart!

No one really remmebers him as a baby because he was always a great and happy baby! Always independent and helping out babies...He loves babies, even when he was a baby!

Baby Lily
Toddler Lily

Lillian Kashia Vang now in Kindergarten!

The older kids didn't post up any pictures, which I thought was odd, but I guess that means it was just another school year!



Monday, August 22, 2011

Maychee and Sheng's Visit!

August is not over yet! And I am having so much fun here in SK.... I love it when time goes by fast and memorable! I have been on a non stop mood since late July and still going, although I might take it easy this weekend and stay in or go to Seoul to be with my cousin, Nugee.... And so that Maychee, Sheng and I can continue our fun weekend up in Seoul! No more nature, just city life and more photo shoots by Maychee!

Our night started at 1 AM in the morning because that was the time that they arrived and the taxi wouldn't drive them over! So I met them halfway and came back to my place to do what? EAT and TALK of course! :) Stayed up way too late and went to bed at 4 in the morning or 5...

Woke up late and I made lunch, no other than LAAB and Spring Rolls....The easiest ingrdients to grab and store here in SK..... I also reheated curry from the night before, then we headed off to shop in this little town of HADONG.... Face Shop and ice cream from a mini stop and bakery goods with water and chips! Then off to our photo shoot up in the hill!!! HADONG PARK...

Here are a few shots that were creative and fun!!!

Maychee n I did some major intensive workout! :)
It was fun anyone wanna come and i will take you there, now that I know where it is!

Shots of us through the little dirty glass!!!

My friend MIKE joined us and we had him take a few photos of the three of us! Guys are useful right when there isn't a by stander to take our photo! The best one was the one of top of the three of us and more of SHENG as the model...

And then we decided to have him in at least one picture!

Phumee, Sheng, Maychee and Mike!

So we have been catching colors with Maychee's camera! It actually turns out really really nice!
I was not going to be in many pictures because I wasn't ready and my hair was in a bun, but I was like black and white ok? :)

Ended our very long Saturday night bowling and dinner with some Korean friends...Our scores for both games didn't go over 230 sadly, but we all did great!
Who wouldn't with our 2ne1 socks!

And of course our BALLS!
Had another late night Saturday and then finally......Ended the weekend in JINJU with lunch and BASKIN ROBINS ice cream!

Can't wait to see them again in the City of Seoul! O us and our many stories and I am still on the hunt for an OPPA for my chingus!

"Do you want to be my chingu's OPPA?" -Phumee
It's copyrighted! :)



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Seoul, Kpop Concert & Nugee's place!

It's mid August so that means summer is slowly ending and FALL is around the corner! I feel like I have been on vacation forever now! I finally met Choua, another cousin living and teaching here in South Korea! Nugee, Choua and I taking a quick picture before our lunch at DINER's I think....It was one of the best burger I have had here in KOREA...

I think this is my first time at a FOREVER 21 outside of the US! Other than CANADA... It basically was the same except the prices! It goes up a few thousand wons...which is a few dollars! I only got a few items from this mini vacation!

So after lunch and a little shopping, the whole point of this trip was to visit Nugee, but we got on a list to go see the K POP concert! Little did we know that it was not in Seoul and it was in INCHEON! So from the World Cup Stadium, we had to get over to Incheon in an hour! So we thought about it and we were going to taxi over, but the fastest n quickest way to get there.... Got on the subway and got to the closest, well almost, then got in a taxi and got there at exactly 4:15 PM... It was about a 30,000 won cab ride and the show was priceless!!!! I am beginning to like K pop and my fave songs are by 2NE1, "Lonely, and UGLY."

There were so many groups there, and some that I have never heard of before! And then there was 2 PM, I recently discover that one of the member is Thai and he is kinda cute! So he is my Thai K POP boy! "Oh my boy, oh my boy!"

Girl's Generation!


And then the last group to go up! Super Junior! So much fun and enough Kpop to last me a lifetime and now I find myself listening to KPOP...It is quite good...a few songs at least!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Home at last @ Nugee's....Sao came to cook for us and it was delicious!

Two starters and a main course along with dessert!

O how we can have so much fun with a game of DARE...:)

All good nights must end and we start with a new day! At 4 AM we made eggrolls and ate them!

Monday, August 15, 2011

More shopping and lunch with all the HMONG friends/ cousins in Seoul. Leftover eggrolls on the grill....Great idea and yum yum with Korean BBQ....

Seoul always a joy to visit and leave...we shall meet again to shop again before I go home.... Still counting down the days here in South Korea and I will miss all the friends that I have made here.



Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I will have to update this blog once I am back from it, but while in JEJU, Nugee gets a call that we got tickets to go see 2NE1 live!!! I am not a huge fan, but going to a K POP concert was on my to do list here in KOREA.

So Nugee and I have been listening to their music so we can be ready, but it is so hard to remember the lyrics!

I remember lonely lonely lonely.....and lilli lolli lollipop! Boy I want to buy u a lollipop???
I am not even sure if that is how it goes! And they do have a song that says...
I know I am ugly....strange lyrics, but who knows these KONLISH words....

Will post up pictures and tell you all how it went! I love going to concerts, so we'll see how they differ from American concerts!

2NE1 here we come!!!

Also only 3 more months here in SOUTH KOREA
I am excited to go home and see what awaits for me, but I know it is going to be bittersweet leaving.



Jeju-do Island! 제주도/濟州島

Finally arrived in Jeju and officially on vacation! It felt like I was on vacation forever because the girls were over and we had a blast! But as I was flying out of Busan, Gimhae Airport, I forgot how much I miss flying! I love flying as I have mentioned before! It's the feeling of going to a new place and see what else there is to this amazing world, EARTH! The palm trees made me think of HOME....

We went to LOVE LAND!!! I love hearts!!! It's so cute!!! After 5 minutes of arriving it poured on us!!! Like heavy rain kinda... a bummer, but we made the best of it! :) After we went to eat at an Indian restaurant in Jeju, it was delicious that we went back a second time!

Food and more food....seems like all we did was plan our day to eat and eat!!!

The view of our beach! But our time there was short due to the Typhoon warning! But boy did we all have the best time there!!! Too much fun and poor May, always getting hurt somehow.

So pictures from the night before wasn't great, but we went on the beach at like midnight after rearranging some flights, rescheduling, canceling and re purchasing! I think I might change profession now to be a flight canceler? Is there such a profession? But we basicially went n played in the water and snuck in a few games! Truth n Dare and I never!

So we left and went to Susun's place and ate samgyeopsa....Love it....there were 5 girls and we ordered 7 orders! We love our meat!!

What is there to do on an island when there is a typhoon warning? What other than a jijibong? For those of you who do not know what it is..it is basically where Koreans go and shower and eat and hang out in the many different rooms.... sauna, fire room, spa, fitness room, eat and PC rooms!!! I have never been to one, but there is always a first time for everything!!! So while we were there, I got DIPPIN' DOTS!! It was great....and stayed in the Sauna for awhile and ate eggs...hard boiled eggs....500 won each! No camera, but we got a few shots!

Monday morning comes and the sun is out and about!!! We went to the beach so we can get some JEJU sun before we all leave this wonderful island that has not been so great for us, weather wise!

Gotta have then Korean pictures!!!

Jeju Island....we will be back in a few years!!! After a few days here, we all have a love and hate relationship, but we will miss you!

Nugee took this picture! It turned out nice! Until we go to Thailand together! :)

Wait...the airport can be a great place to shop! Nugee did some damaged! I was good because there weren't any purses or shoes!!!

Dr. Jart's BB cream!!!

The best week ever! Laughter can cure anything!!! I think i lost all of the food calories to laughing and more laughing!!

I did get a pretty cool souvenir while in Jeju! Will post soon!