Friday, January 28, 2011

Vacation Starts!!!

So before I start on my very first Korean Vacation, I wanted to update my life here! That is a picture of me and my two students, Clara and Jane. I took them out to lunch and we went walking around the city!

I received two packages this week from my family and my dear friend, Martha from Wisconsin!

I told my family to send me V-day cards for the kids and i will add a touch of candy to it! Thank you Yer!!!

This is from Martha!!! Guess what she sent me!

Thank you again! I love it all!!! I will send u Korean goodies ASAP!!! After vacation and I find out a way because I don't know where to buy boxes yet, i do not have a Home Plus or E mart near me.

Today in class, I know I will take more pictures soon, I am still scared that we are not allowed to??? One of the boys didn't do his homework and I said, Ian, stay after class cause you no homework! LOL Me and my English so they will understand me...

He did the cutest puppy face at me and I laughed, so did the rest of the boys, it's an all boys class...They are my B4 level kids!!! I let him finish because it was too cute! This is the same boy who sang, Because of you!

I absolutely love teaching here, especially these kids here in Hadong! I feel right at home when I am at work, but outside of work not so much....It makes me feel good when the kids go home and tell the parents they like coming to English Academy because of my class....All the kids get super excited when it's my day! We rotate class so that they all get to take my class at least once a week, some classes are two or three times!

I will post up a video of Seoul during my vacation!!!



Sunday, January 16, 2011

Seoul and 2 months in SK

After about 2 months of being here, (Jan 8, 2011) I finally got to go to South Korea's capital, Seoul. It is not like it is in the movies, have I ever seen it in the movies? I don't know, but all I know is that is it huge. Way huge!!! Too many subway lines and traffic and people. But I traveled with friends, so they knew what they were doing...Busy streets of Seoul!

This is our cultural part of the day: Korean Veteran Wars Memorial
Pretty interesting, but museums are museums.....

May, Cece, Phumee

Waiting in the bus terminal??? Everything is like a shopping center so I am not sure where I am half of the time.
Kabao, May, Ach, Phumee, Cece

Finally girls night out!!! More Hmong girls in South Korea! We went to a club in Seoul, OMG Koreans are crazy! They party til 6 or 7 in the morning. I say it's like an Asian Vegas here!!! Couldn't take pictures in side, but I will next time!

So overall, it wasn't a bad experience! I had pho and Thai food while adventuring there in Seoul.

This past weekend was awesome! Went over to Cece's Pho Dinner party and had great company!
Good food and people to keep my days here more homey!!!

Nancy, Phumee, Cece, Boom and Chris minus Kou, he was taking a nap!

This is a picture of the gang at a Notabon?? Karaoke place in Geochang.... I don't sing in to the mic, but overall it was fun! Drinks and singing!!!

2 months here and I have learned a great deal about myself! I cannot live far away from family! I should be packing up and going home soon, but I am giving it until summer, so hurry up friends and cousins come visit!!!

So I have exactly 300 days left here in South Korea.....basically 9 months and 20 more days to go, I think I can make it!!! If not I'll be home sooner than later!!!! The only thing that makes it better are the kids!!! They have grown on me and they are all awesome!!! Always sharing their food and snacks with me, I feel like a little kid all over again....



Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week 7

Wow, it's been almost two months and I am slowly traveling throughout South Korea. This past weekend was different! This is the cutest coffee shop in Daegu! I want to open something similar in the States! O and the shopping is amazing, bought my first pair of shoes in South Korea because I am going out in Seoul and needed shoes. Its simple and cute, looks like something I have back at home, but I am not home, so I bought it. 20,000 won so about 18 dollars?

Girls, come visit cause this shopping will blow u away! I was so over whelmed, I didn't know what to buy and I heard Seoul is even worst. I can't wait to share with everyone!!!

Went to Daegu, but found out that most of the Hmong friends were in Busan, so Cece and I decided to go to Busan. It was like a minute decision! KTX to Busan was pretty fast!

These are new friends plus Kou and Kate! This was def a night to remember! We were joking that it was like our Hmong New Year get together! Small world! And at Korean bars, you can play card games and just hang out!!! That's what we did all night!!!

Ate McDonald's! It was just like the US...comfort food after a night of fun and lots of walking! Chicken nuggets and a chicken wrap!!!

Walking around to find new places...and sight see...

Phumee John Cece

Peace! I feel so Asian when I do the peace sign, but I have to blend in....:)

Happy New Year and see you all soon!!!