Sunday, October 20, 2013

Road tripping to Utah, Pismo and SF!

Maychee, my dear friend, and I have decided to start going on little new adventures within CA and eventually step out across AMERICA.  Utah was our first trip!!!  My first time and Maychee used to live there, so it was more of an adventure for me.  Plus, it was MINDY's Wedding.

July 25th - 28th
The drive was beautiful up until we pass Reno, then it was just all mountains and nothing but cops.  The Salt Lakes were so beautiful, Maychee and I had so many unanswered questions.  Where is google when you need it? Or Siri? Are we ever going to find out? Maybe one day??? haha

The wedding of Mindy and Brandon!!!  It was too cute with all the Hanboks.  Congrats again MINDY!

The Salt Lake City Temple was so pretty, it was a Sunday so we couldn't see more of it, but the outside was more than enough.  Remember to wash your shoes after!!!

Okay so my favorite part of the trip was visiting the Missionary Training Center!  (MTC)  I learned so much and enjoyed my experienced.  The MTC is where all the SISTERS and ELDERS go on their training before they are sent off to their MISSIONS.  Over thousands of young men and women are there to do something great!  I was just a volunteer and a good one!  (My little missionaries in training were sooooo cute and adorable.)  They speak HMONG better than some HMOOB who grew up with the language.  They were so nervous, but little did they know I wasn't a member and could only understand half of what they taught me.  One of the Elder that I had was Korean.  He was so cute and I knew right away he will so the Hmong people in WIS good along with his companion.  They were so cute like two peas in a pod!!!   If I lived closer, I would volunteer more!

That evening we wanted to give them something so what does a bunch of young men want??? CANDIES and GOODIES of course, you are stuck studying all day and night and what's better than snacking??  We even got them a card and wrote it in HMONG cause they all read and write HMONG. (with Sam's help! Sam is Maychee's brother)  Again, thank you Sam and April for their hospitality.  Sam also made us PHO and it was delicious.  Maychee, thinking back, we did so much in that little time!!!

This was up in a Cabin that Maychee's friends invited us to!  Maychee, remember koj yuav mus marry ib tug Utah oppa!  Peb will visit you and vacation there until you kick us back home to CALIFORNIA!!!! O UTAH, I will be back soon.

August 2013

We were fortunate to have our friend, Cecee visit CA and we took her on a mini getaway to a winery and PISMO!  So this was our second mini trip with the one and only CECEE YANG....


October 2013

I love SF!!!

Clam Chowder, Fish n Chips, and lots of eating!  (VACATION MODE)
 Met up with Giho, A friend from South Korea.  He's soooo cute!  (Korean Cute)

Little bakery in the neighborhoods of SF, so rich and delish!!!  Will go back for more lemon bars, brownies, and raspberry bars.  Didn't take a picture of MINDY, but I am so glad I saw her!  Hadong LOVE!!!!

An oldie, but goodie!!!

Until our next Road trip adventure to SO CAL with Miss Pader Yang.



Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mid year Of 2013

Can you believe summer is here???

Where did this year go? I haven't done anything at all....except work work   work eat sleep eat sleep and eat some more.... News and adventures in the making.....I hope....

Jan was a blurr...went to Nugee's Bridal Shower and finished showing Young Ju around....

Feb happened way too fast with wedding planning and trying to fit into a dress...and turning a year 

Some of the ladies at dinner celebrating.

Congrats to NUGEE and TCHAA MOUA!! 

The happy newlyweds!

The bridal party...super cute,thanks Victoria!!! via SAY PEACE PHOTOGRAPHY
March...o March...
  EASTER with the Yang FAMILY....went by like a storm even with SPRING break.

April was also a blurrrr...way toooo fast for me...

May was jammed packed with many celebrations!!! And was good to me.....spent every penny I earned....kinda sorta.....
congrats YER another step into life!

And now summer will slowly creep up on us....even though nights like is super windy and weird....aren't we in June wind???

 BOOK of the summer...
it's a series too!!!

Will do a blog about it....Happy summer...reading everyone!!

I cannot wait til UTAH MAYCHEE....



Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Nyob Zoo Xyoo Tshiab!

Wow, I cannot believe a year has gone by.  I am still here in Fresno, where I am needed the most.
(Family, Friends and Cousins)
2012 has been a rough year, but it also ended so well.
Lives may be changed, but nothing has to end.

Our yearly Hmong Outfits! I think this may be the last time, I am going to retire.

New Years Eve with the Ladies!

2012 has also brought so many new friends and family.  One of my bestie cousin, friend, and KOPPY, Ong got married to Nelson.  Another good friend of mine, Brittany Ward is now a Rodriguez with Luis and I couldn't be happier for both of them.

 Congrats Ong and Nelson!
Congrats Brittany and Luis!
Thank you for letting me be a part of your big day.

I have been so busy busy lately and haven't done much, but from now on, 2013, I am only taking care f myself and those who care.  I am looking forward to 2013 and there are so many exciting events that is going to happen within the first few months.  Another sacheon of mine, Nugee Yang is engaged and will be tying the knot in FEB.  But before we get there, her bridal is up first and she will have a night to never forget before she becomes Mrs. MOUA.

The soon to be Newlyweds...

In the meantime, I am enjoying my time with Miss Youngju from South Korea.  She is visiting and thinks that me and my cousins are CRAZY!!! And she wants to go to VEGAS, the city where no one sleeps!
Yea right, like she is going to last! ha!

2013....I am ready for you!

Don't be afraid to fall in love, it's the only thing that matters in life! The only thing! Just fall in love with as many things as possible!

Risking our hearts is why we are alive, the last thing you want is to look back on your life and wonder, IF ONLY?

 - Castle