Monday, October 24, 2011

A day out in Hadong....

Sunday was a full day of fun and new adventures all over again! We kinda crashed a Korean wedding, I met the couple once before and they are the nicest and cutest couple! Their Love Story is O so cute!

So Yeon is so cute, I curled her hair for her and she loved it! She wants me to teach her now! Not like I am a pro or anything! I could be good if I wanted to....Not as good as Martha Xiong!

A quick picture before the ceremony started!

So I guess with the Korean weddings, they just everything up there and no reception afterwards... So they did a toast and ate their cake up there!
They walked down the isle to end the actual ceremony and then went back up for pictures!
All the guest walked out, except for family and friends. Then they do massive family pictures and then friends picture!
The back group, while the family was taking their picture!
When it was the friends picture time, I was like no thanks, it's going to be one of their best memory and we are going to be in there, no thanks! But we couldn't wiggle our way out of that one! I want to see a copy soon!

Another walk in the wonder town of Hadong!
This picture is so priceless with so many great laughter between three chingus!
Then we went to a coffee shop across the bridge to the other side, where you can see the entire town of Hadong...Where I jog, and take my walks...Relax and think....
Guess who is the best? Nicole let me drive her car!!! It was fun, I miss driving....

It is like my own secret garden right in my backyard! I think this is really beautiful, whoever wants to do a photo shoot here, come! I leave soon, but I am always welcoming guests....
I know I take a picture of this view all the time because it really shows all the season changes and it is so pretty...I can honestly say that this is and was the best place for me to live.

So what a great day to do jumping pictures, not because we were all in little dresses...But we managed! It was perfect timing because no one was counting, we did self timer and it worked out perfectly! Better than having someone count one two three, and then jump!
After having some ajamas laughing and telling us good job, we decided to do a regular photo! If you look closely you can see her looking at us from behind the big rock! Great day with my ladies of Hadong!

Great way to end the night! Notrebang...I don't sing, but sometimes I do! After a light dinner we decided to go sing and it was that we needed to end this wonderful weekend!

20 days left in this country!



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