Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sweet November ♥

Sweet November is here!!! You know what that means!!! My one year is around the corner!!!
Celebrate before I leave or celebrate when I get home? Just kidding, I am just ready to go home and see what LIFE holds for me!!!

Last weekend in Hadong! Excited and scared still! Sheng, Nugee, Kou and Boom came to visit Hadong for a last time! Ate delicious food and good company with all the friends of Hadong....

The girls arrived Friday night, and we went out to dinner with the lovely Hadong ladies....Saturday morning, we slept in and met Nicole to go eat jajamin...Across the bridge! It was so full filling...Then coffee at the famous place that over looks Hadong, but we had patpingsoo and tea instead!

With Nicole!!!

The EEs in Hadong minus Maychee! Shengmee mentioned that we all posed the same!
The day was perfect, a little warmer than usual, but it was a perfect day!

This is the same view, but I love how it is different each time I take a picture of it!
Thanks to Nugee's camera!

Headed over to the Persimmon Festival! Nothing too exciting, but we got some wonderful, not so wonderful memories! Nicole is the only one laughing!
Our jump picture didn't time right! :) But we were starting to jump!
After an hour of resting, Boom and Kou cooking, we went over to So Yeoun's house for dinner! It was delicious and there was so many food! Great dinner!
A picture of their lovely family plus me! I love her parents, sometimes I wished I spoke Korean so I can talk to the elders...I love talking to older people! Makes me miss my parents, Grandma, Uncles and Aunts!!

Last meal with my EEsm Kou, and Boom in Hadong! We'll meet again in the U S of A!
As tired as we all were from a night of drinking and singing....We went to Jinju to catch a movie and had STARBUCKS!!! Much needed!!! In Time was a great movie, Justin was smoking HOT shirtless!

Days are going by so fast and there are so many things to do still!!! I am not feeling anything anymore, it just all seems so surreal. I am finally happy to say that I am going home and that my chapter of New Adventures in South Korea has finally almost coming to an end! I am ready for a new chapter!!! Bring it on World!!!
One day at a time, one day can change anything!



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