Sunday, October 30, 2011

Outings with the EEs and Choua!

Weekends are going by too fast and I have less and less time to spend with my Korean friends...
This weekend was all filled with eating and more eating....Cooking and laughing....I love going to Seoul and cooking Hmong food with my EEs....Feels just like home! Pepper and everything...

I was super tired from eating and hanging with my Hadong Chingus...Got home, showered, and slept for an hour... Walked in the dark to the bus terminal and slept on the bus all the way there, best bus ride ever! I like it when I sleep, wake up and then I am there at my destination!!!

On the way, we stopped to capture the season change.... FALL is here and we love FALL!

Pho...Taste almost like HOME...Double the price too!!!
Sao and his girlfriend met up with us for lunch.
Then we headed over to Choua's Fave cupcake place!
Royal Cupcakes
It is delicious and a little pricey too! But I haven't has a good cupcake in a long time and this hit the spot for my craving!

Red Velvet...O so sweet and yummy!

Weekend was relaxing and great! I am going to miss the business of Seoul...Subways, walkways, buses and even the crazy taxis.... The thought of not coming back to see my Seoul Chingus with a four hour bus ride is kinda bittersweet! It's going to cost me a plane ticket next time!

Came home to relax and had a walk with my unnies....Met So Yeou's parents and made me miss mine! Her parents are so nice! Only if all of our parents all spoke one language!

About 16 days left!



Thursday, October 27, 2011

Random Rambles

This is just me letting some air out! Not really anything exciting...So I know I am leaving in a few weeks, but it doesn't fell like it at all...I feel like stuck! And there isn't anything I can do. I just wished people were more productive on their part so I can start packing or not? I know I have to and I am so lazy...There isn't much to take back, but I wanna just pack a bunch of snacks and things for people to try at home!

Lately I have been the happiest in my Korea Adventure, making new friends and just really living...Before it was just like O I have 350 days left to 200 days left and now the numbers are down to two digits and I am scared!!! Not scared of leaving, but scared of what's out there post Korea. I know a lot of people stay another year or they go home and come back, but I just simply don't know. And I hate not knowing because I don't want to not do something right or wrong???

I wished there was someone to tell me what to do and I just do it! But at the same time, reject them if it isn't what I want? I know impossible, but a girl can wish can she?

Decisions, decisions....So many, but which one is the right one? The better one? The one that is more adult like? I don't know anymore, I thought I knew, but people have the most power on your decisions and it seems like I just have to make all the executives decisions on my own!

Enough rambling for now, I cannot wait to go to Seoul and see my EEs....I have missed you guys like crazy!!! Can't wait to eat pho

My Volleyball friends, I truly love them! They are like my older Mom's and Aunts.....

This picture was taken after volleyball, they asked Nicole and I to go to their house and drink mekgu! :) Good times!



Monday, October 24, 2011

A day out in Hadong....

Sunday was a full day of fun and new adventures all over again! We kinda crashed a Korean wedding, I met the couple once before and they are the nicest and cutest couple! Their Love Story is O so cute!

So Yeon is so cute, I curled her hair for her and she loved it! She wants me to teach her now! Not like I am a pro or anything! I could be good if I wanted to....Not as good as Martha Xiong!

A quick picture before the ceremony started!

So I guess with the Korean weddings, they just everything up there and no reception afterwards... So they did a toast and ate their cake up there!
They walked down the isle to end the actual ceremony and then went back up for pictures!
All the guest walked out, except for family and friends. Then they do massive family pictures and then friends picture!
The back group, while the family was taking their picture!
When it was the friends picture time, I was like no thanks, it's going to be one of their best memory and we are going to be in there, no thanks! But we couldn't wiggle our way out of that one! I want to see a copy soon!

Another walk in the wonder town of Hadong!
This picture is so priceless with so many great laughter between three chingus!
Then we went to a coffee shop across the bridge to the other side, where you can see the entire town of Hadong...Where I jog, and take my walks...Relax and think....
Guess who is the best? Nicole let me drive her car!!! It was fun, I miss driving....

It is like my own secret garden right in my backyard! I think this is really beautiful, whoever wants to do a photo shoot here, come! I leave soon, but I am always welcoming guests....
I know I take a picture of this view all the time because it really shows all the season changes and it is so pretty...I can honestly say that this is and was the best place for me to live.

So what a great day to do jumping pictures, not because we were all in little dresses...But we managed! It was perfect timing because no one was counting, we did self timer and it worked out perfectly! Better than having someone count one two three, and then jump!
After having some ajamas laughing and telling us good job, we decided to do a regular photo! If you look closely you can see her looking at us from behind the big rock! Great day with my ladies of Hadong!

Great way to end the night! Notrebang...I don't sing, but sometimes I do! After a light dinner we decided to go sing and it was that we needed to end this wonderful weekend!

20 days left in this country!



...October 22 weekend...

The days are approaching as I am ending this chapter in my life! I can't say enough about how I have grown so much from this adventure....but I can say that this past weekend was a blast as usual...When don't we have a good time in Hadong?

We had a little party at my house on Friday night for Brandon and played all the usual American games! The Koreans were new to the games, Flip Cup, Beer Pong and I taught a few of them Drunk Driver! :) You can never go wrong with card games!

This is one of the first pictures because the girls played Beer Pong and lost, drank too fast and was all red! Yes all Asians have the Asian Glow! They are too cute with their little poses....

An intense game of Flip Cup....

I made curry, but the Koreans can't have a party without, BBQ!

Nicole and Phumee...

Had a lazy Saturday....Hung out at home, grabbed lunch and came back to nap at my house like all day with movies, American Halloween chocolate and junk food.....

See...We really stayed in and slept all day...Great friends can make anything enjoyable!
Missing Nicole, One Shot and Melinda in this picture!

We went out to dinner after a day of nothing....Then the Yeounju and So-Yeoun came over at 10 and was like we want your Ramen and Eggs....(Devil Eggs) So we went grocery shopping and ate more! All I do here is eat, eat and eat some more!!! Great way to end the night! And with mini Ice cream bars too!!

I have been loving the company at night, it makes my nights and days go by faster...
Every night is a new adventure and I am happy!
Happiness comes from within and the people that surrounds you!



Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm coming home!

I'm coming homeI'm coming homeTell the World I'm coming homeLet the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday!
Can you believe I am coming home and leaving South Korea! After an entire year, I am ready and my dream is coming true, I have been wanting to go home since the day I got here! All these mixed emotions! Man I felt so lost, but now I am back on track!
I was happy to extend and stay for another month, but when I found out I could go home on time, I was sad, but happy at the same time. I think I was more just frustrated with Koreans and their work style, but I am happy now! After talking to my parents and sisters, they helped me a little! I know I shouldn't have been feelings the things I was feeling yesterday, but I had plans! And I usually go with the flow, but this was like plans to do things with people since I thought I had more weekends! But I am happy, excited, nervous and scared all at once now that I am officially going home!
Looking forward to driving...Or hire a driver, Amanda Yang!

My baby! It has been through a lot especially without me! Yer it better be clean! Road trip anyone?

My other babies...Auntie Phumee is coming home!!! Laser Quest and Big Bass Pro Shop here we come for the boys, mani and pedis for the girls!
My sisters! They need me...:)

KOPPY Guess who is coming home? The cooler P...JK Pajwhore!
My lovely cousins, Aunt and sister in laws!
Whew I don't know If I am ready, but ready or not here I come! I am so ready and then some days I wished I could live here in Hadong. It's simple here, I don't need much to survive and there are great people here!Definitely a place to visit once I am older and visit old friends!
I can finally say, 나는 한국 사랑 해요!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Basketball Game and Ladies Night Out!

My weekends are shortly coming to an end so I am trying to find time to do everything! And hanging out with all of my Chingus! Went to a Korean Professional Basketball game and the headed out to Busan with Nicole and Sarana! We met Kate and Kou there!

The game was fun, a great experience because I am overseas! I think our Fresno State Bulldogs are way better! :) But overall they were all good players! A view of their gym! Makes me miss going to the Save Mart Center....Which is like 5 times bigger!

Nicole, Phumee, Sarana and Mike!

Busan here we come! We were traveling all day and pretty much just ready to go out for a few drinks! We did just that!!! After eating pho at THE PHO, we got a room and went out as soon as we got ready!

Finally at the WA BAR...We had a drink or two and then went to a different place!
Thursday Party!!! Then Miss Sarana went and got us our Spider rings! This picture was so not planned! I was like yelling Sarana across the table!

Walking back to our room to get our cards...cause we drank up the bar and needed more?
Nicole spotted this PINK car and wanted a picture! So While Sarana and Nicole were posing, I walked by and he opened the door, I got in!
Only if I could have driven it! It was a guy's car, pretty cool huh?

Then as we were walking we bumped into all these beautiful ladies...then we stopped to ask where they came from and it was a beauty pageant! Then Miss Africa took a picture with us! Kou was so happy and this is also his FB profile picture!

Good times and I know I have plenty more good weekends to come my way!
Thank you Nicole Dore, I had a blast!

Beach Time!! We had to snap a picture because we were right by the beach and what's better than bar hopping and then sitting there all night talking!

Korea, you have been good to me, I am ready to go and back and return in 2018 for the Winter Olympics! Along with Maychee Lo, Toni, Nugee Yang, Shengmee Lo!

BTW, I have been surrounded with great friends and cannot ask for more!



Thursday, October 13, 2011

Home is where the Heart is!

So I know that I have been talking about going home since the day I got here, and I still want to go home. But it is scary knowing in the back of my head that I will actually miss this place that I am finally feeling comfortable to call HOME.

Going back and reading my blogs and how alone I was, but I wanted to do this. I have always had family, friends and cousins by my side. And I was always there for them! After being away for a year, I have learned so much about myself and the people around me! I always said this was going to be a test of friendship for me and to see if I can survive in this big little world all by myself! Indeed I did, and I am proud to say that I can move anywhere and be okay. It might take a day, a week, a month or even a year, in this case, but I am happy to say that I am content here in South Korea. Thanks to all my cousins and friends, you know who you are!

So this week has been incredibly wonderful! If every week were like this, maybe I can live here for another year! Hahaha

My Korean friends, I am suppose to call them Unnie, like older sister! These ladies are wonderful....we communicate with Korean, English and universal sign language!
Thanks to Youngju, she came to watch me play and took these awesome pictures!

Nicole comes and play with me, but we forgot to get a picture, we sure will soon!

Home is where the heart is and I cannot wait to go HOME...BTW my parents will be here in South Korea for about 26 hours, I told them I can take us around! HAHA My dad was like how? I said like the Koreans, we take the bus, subways and taxis! Introduce him to a little SOJU and makoli, which I think he will enjoy along with my Mom, Grandma and Aunt!

I kinda want November to be here, but it also means I will miss all my chingus here in Korea!
Nugee and Sheng ready to get tired of me cause I will be there a few days to hang out!

Gotta go skype now with family and Ong!



Saturday, October 8, 2011

335 DAYS

Wow! Another month has come and reality is getting closer...As I am writing this, my family is at the BIG FRESNO FAIR without me! It is like a family tradition for the little ones, eating our beef jerkys, cinnamon rolls, and grapes! I miss all the fatty fair food! This weekend was going to be a relaxing one at home, but my weekend was full of excitement!

Friday, Oct 7

Day off because the students had testing and a school picnic! So Nicole and I went to lunch and ran a few errands in between! The jajangmin was delicious! I think the best one I have had so far here in Korea. It was across the Hadong bridge to the other side, which is a totally different province!

A walk along the street and took a mini break! Great picnic table area!

It was a really big portion, i almost finished it too!!!
Coming back from the post office to get some dessert! Love outdoor markets!
Came home, took a much needed nap and there goes my Friday night!!!

Saturday, October 8

SLOSHBALL GAME DAY!!!! And night out in Jingyo with the Hadong crew!!!

So this is what happens before a game!

night out! Love u two Nicole and Dohee!!!

More ladies from Hadong! Going to miss u all. including Melinda!

I love group pictures!!! Hadong Chingus!

Everyone had a good time and regardless of not remembering how, when and who and what happened?

Sunday, October 9

Went to the Jinju Lantern Festival, but forgot my camera! Ate pho and Vermicelli! Saw beautiful lanterns and regretting that I forgot my camera! I wished I had another weekend to go there, but uncomfortably, it's over already! O well all that matters was that it was wonderful!

Then Italian dinner at my house with the Korean Chingus!

What a weekend! Only a few more to go then I am home sweet home!
Cannot wait to see my friends and cousins in the states! We are going to own the nights again and drink the entire bar! :)



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nami Island

October 2

Sunday morning arises and we were planning on having a picnic over there. After cooking and getting ready, we were hungry and ate the food instead! It was going to be a long trip so it was a good thing we ate it!

After an hour on the subway they are still listening to their music!!! Koreans love to use their earphones on public transportation! I on the other hand, like to sit and people watch and listen to other people's conversation if there are people talking!

So we finally got to the station, might I add, it took us about two hours! Then we had to taxi over to the wharf, but the line was long, so we waited. While waiting, we had a good jazz, rock band to listen to. It so happens that the Jazz festival was the same weekend!
This was the band that was playing, I went to listen for awhile and took some pictures. It was good to hear a real Korean band verses the Kpop that I have been listening to.

On the way over, our taxi driver was a little crazy driving there and we were like going 80 KMPH....We were like o wow, we should have out on our seat belts! Then a car almost hit us, we had the right of way, but Korean drivers aren't the best at driving! Scary, but we stopped in time and the driver opened the door, honked ans stared at the other driver for a good 30 seconds! We were all speechless and just watched the whole thing!

Fianally we arrive at the Island and first stop was the "FIRST KISS SCENE." I haven't seen the movie, but I did watch this part, thanks to Nugee Yang! :) Not going to watch it, but glad I went there! Uey I got you something since you were the only one who i know that loves that movie and your BYJ guy...Is that his name? :)

There were like these same little snowmen everywhere! (In the movie, they built them and made them kiss, then they both did!)

We found bigger ones!

It was cold, but yet still hot enough for an ice cream cone! Nugee didn't have just one, she had two!
It was really tasty until it fell on my shirt and got it all over my hair!!!

Next stop, we passed the balancing rocks thing! There were some really tall ones, one almost as tall as me! I was tempted to knock it over, but I didn't! I dare someone to do it next time!

No trip is ever complete without a jumping picture!!!
Sheng and Toni are the first ones to go!

It took us like 5 tries, then finally we both did it!

Nugee and I aren't that great at coordinating to jump together at the same time!

So this is the famous statue that attract many tourist and even Koreans to this island! A Korean Drama, Winter Sonata was filmed here and ever since, it has been a hot spot! It is suppose to be romantic!

I love this picture! It is like we are frozen in time and everyone else around us are moving and going on with their lives!
Good bye Nami Island! It was a great trip, def like the Thai movie. There were so many people there visiting the little island!

ooooo FOOD...... All you can eat....First batch!
2nd batch!!! I think we had a third, but no picture!

Then off to Ice Berry we went! The yogurt was so soft and the fruits made it all the better!!!

Great day and spent it with wonderful friends and cousin as well!!! Can't wait til our cousin Bella's wedding next month! Choua, Shengmee and I are super excited! Nugee will just have to tag along, she is jealous of her HOT husband!