Monday, October 3, 2011

O-mazing October!!!

Finally, October is here!!! Sheng came to visit me during her vacation and we went to play volleyball together! Nicole came too and it was major fun! I don't think I have had that much fun playing volleyball since ever! Afterwards, Sheng and I went to get some pizza school! We ate the whole thing! :) Friday morning rolls around and I had to go to work so Sheng stayed behind and we met for lunch. After work we went out to dinner and it was a great ending to my September!

Saturday, October 1

Early morning starts and we made it to to bus station on time, but there was only one seat left to go to Seoul so we hopped on the next bus to Jinju to catch the bus from there to Seoul! Took us a little longer, but we made it before noon and it was all worth it! We did miss the class that we were planning to go to, but there is always next week! :)

Went to Sheng's house, my SEOUL home! I feel like I have three or more homes here in KOREA. Where ever I may be traveling, there is always someone willing to host me and it feels great! Thank you everyone!

Ate some delish HMONG food again and went to buy a COSTCO chicken because we were hungry and chicken does a stomach good! I think we were too hungry, we only took a picture of the pepper!

Then we got ready and went to dinner with the LADIES.....It was for Pajai! She didn't know, but it was a Bridal dinner for her! She recently got engaged here in Korea and we wanted to celebrate with her while her sisters were here visiting her!

Group shot!

The right side of the table!

The left side!

Dinner was great and as you can tell by this picture, we are all very good listeners and always give our undivided attention!

After dinner photo! Thanks to Choua for setting this up!

Dinner was great as usual, met some more amazing Hmong women and some great conversations! What a small world we live in! We all have or will cross path in each other's lives. Sometimes we remember and sometimes we don't, but with conversations and good company, it'll come up!

Dinner was followed by dessert and o how I love little cute shops here in Korea to chit chat in! October seems like it will be o-mazing and cannot wait for what this month holds for me and my last few weeks here in Korea!



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  1. who's gonna cook for me when you go back home???? I'mma miss you.