Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beginning 5 months!

Wow! Another month in Korea has gone by and now I am down to 7 months!!! about 225 days left! I still have a few items on my to do list, then reality here I come!!!

I recently went to a temple and took some pictures! I love this picture because it reminded me of my cousins in North Carolina! We had so much fun and I can't believe it has been 8 years since that visit! Trying to be productive on the weekends so I don't miss Home so much!

So met up with a few friends in Jinju and had a great weekend! Thank you for visiting Kou, Kate, and Cece.....We had lots of awesome pictures with cherry blossoms because its Spring!!!

I hardly take pictures by myself, but Cece insisted so I was trying to show them a MTT pose! Mission accomplished! LOL It's always nice to meet up with friends because if not I would just be home sleeping and watching movies online....And I tend to get so lazy....

So after a few months here in South Korea, I have learned to like this country and understand their way of life! Watching a few Korean drama, I imagine it to be as pretty and fun....Great lifestyle and hang out in coffee shops all the time!!! But it's similar and so different in alot of ways...

I re watched Endless Love or Autumn Tale... And now I am like totally understanding the movie...Their bus system, I love it! It takes me everywhere!!! How they eat all the time! They really do...Their bus stops, where they go cry and get cover from the's so cute!!! I saw some the other day on the way up to the mountains, but I couldn't get off the bus...

1) The students in high school and lower grades study like crazy.....They don't ditch school and they all want to get into a good college with the best scores!
2) They always say I envy you, or Americans, because of our freedom.....

South Korea America
Driving age 20 16

It's sad because it seems like they have no fun, but they are just happy go lucky kids and listen to their parents. And teachers.....It's sad because they are like Phumee teacher, you go home in November? :) Or some will say, Halloween and then you go to America? I just smile and say no, I like Korea I am going to stay here! Which I am not! but they are just too cute, how can I say yes??

I have been here long enough that I see similarities between the Korean culture and the Hmong culture, except that we try to hold on to our culture/tradition and Koreans are slowly loosing theirs....That's why I am happy that maybe it's a good thing we don't have a country because if we did, we would want to be so Americanize that we forget who we really are? And I miss seeing Hmong people as in our grandmas and grandpas! I see the older generations here and it seems like they have so much fun! Laughing and meeting up to exercise and drinking tea! If only we had our own country, they can communicate and go anywhere they want!
And when Hmong men see each other, they usually shake hands, even if we are all strangers! That's the kind of Hmong Love that Koreans are missing!!! Here, everyone just mind their own business and focus on work work no vacation at all!!!

So I will be going to Lotte world, an amusement weekend!!!