Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Closing the year with the greatest and best memories!!!

Coming home to celebrate ONG's Birthday and tonight it will be Lina's!

Happy Birthday Ong!!! Another Year older and wiser!

Hanging out with the best ladies....

Going to the Hmong New Years with my Family and keeping the tradition alive!
They missed me last year and I didn't get to dress up!

My kiddos make my day! And I couldn't ask for more, to be home with my FAMILY!

To a new year, I hope it brings more of anything and everything...
Especially new adventures!

EEs...Let's start our Asian Tour! I am serious...Love and miss you all!

Korean Chingus....See you soon, it means another year closer to 2018!

2011 was wonderful and filled with many memories!

I am so ready for a new year and new challenges, I have accomplished so much and now I know I can do anything by myself!

Let's do this!!! 2012



Friday, December 30, 2011

Phonesavanh, Xieng Khoung, LAOS

December 1, 2011

So we left my Aunt's house early for Xieng Khoung, that is way up North. But we made a stop in Lav 52 to give more luggages full of clothing to my Mom's brother's wife. So her sister in law, my uncle passed away a few years ago! Ate a quick lunch and went on our way to Xieng Khoung.

A quick pose before heading out! These are some of the cousins that we saw in Lav 52!

My mom and I had to grab our fruits for the road!

Got there really late so we got Motel rooms and slept!

December 2, 2011

Woke up bright and early like literally at 5 and got ready to go to Hlob Nkias Yiv's house. My uncle, but my grandma's sister is married to him! LOL So technically, my Grandma went to go visit her sister and her brother in law, but in the Hmong culture, she is the Grandma generation and she married the son generation, if that all makes any sense! :) I know I know, confusing...

So we went to find a pig to sacrifice for my grandma because peb ua neeb for her! Success it was delish! I don't think I have a picture, but that pork meat was very very good!!! Did a little shopping and took the little cousins shopping. Bought them new dishes, pots and pans...Busy day, but tomorrow was another big day!

Cow day!!! My Dad and a few of the cousins killed a cow for everyone to come and eat!!!! It was a day filled with eating....seriously I gained like 20 pounds on this trip! Not even funny!

A picture of us with it before and then my Dad trying to get it in one hit! It took three! LOL

Spent the entire day cooking, cleaning and eating....
More to come....because this is my parents home home town in LAOS.
The next day we were going to their old village, a memorable day for my parents to reminisce!



Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post Korea / Laos

So It's been awhile since I have been home, home! After coming back from Korea, I went with my parents to LAOS for about 3 weeks! So now that I am officially back from year of vacation, I have no idea what to do or what's in store for me. I enjoyed Laos and will blog about it day by day.....

November 28, 2011

My parents, me, and the cousins left Fresno for Laos...For my parents, it has been about 26 years since they have been back and it was truly and experience worth going with them!

We went from Fresno to LAX to South Korea to Hanoi, and finally after an overnight stay in Vietnam, we were on our way to Laos....It was so surreal, but so real because I can guarantee you that 90% of the passengers on that last flight to LAOS was all HMONG....Like older HMONG parents, grandmas and grandpas. Sadly, I was the only young person, but I enjoyed it!

Landed at 10:30 AM on November 30th in Laos and I go to do my visa and all in that 20 min process, I misplaced my brand new camera! I know, just my luck, I was sure that was going to ruin my trip, but o well, one of the cousins, let me borrow theirs and that's how I got all those amazing pictures!!!

You know the feeling of landing in a new airport, you want to look and see how beautiful it is, well it is different here! I was like Dad, this is it? Nothing special? Like no tall buildings and freeways and cars??? Nothing, it was a dirt field and the little airport in the corner! Wow, I then realized I was no longer in a country of luxury.

My aunt (Dad's side) came to get us...and we went straight to their house! Yes, that is a house in LAOS. I was amazed by how all the houses were so advance. I mean there are still some living in real HMONG houses made of sticks and straws, but this was one of the better ones.

Had lunch and went to my other Aunt's house. (My mom's half sister)
Came back to my other Aunt's house and my mom was Santa, gave away all the things she brought to them! Hmong clothes, and regular clothes. Like 5 big suitcases full!!!

We had dinner and went to the Hmong New Years in that town, Phoun Xai.
It was small and barely anyone there. Went back home and got ready to go on our road trip to Xieng Khoua and Laung Prabang.