Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday Weekend!!!

Quarter of a century!
3 more to go!!!

Joan (my roomate) Maychee Phu Kate Kou

Thank you for coming and visiting...I loved everything!!! This is our midnight snack meal! Thanks Maychee, we did good...It was delicious!!!

Saturday morning and we walked along my River Beach!!! We found some bike carriage for free rental so we took them for a stroll and it was a really good workout!!!

All day cooking and enjoying comfort food!!! Pictures in FB and 3 cakes!!!! It was a fun filled weeknd with too much food, great laughs and lasting memories!!!!

Pork Laab made by Kou, me and Maychee!!!

Missing more friends.....Melinda, Russ, Kate and Kou!!!

New friends, old friends = great company in South Korea!!!

I am still getting use to this whole idea of living in South Korea.... I do wish I was home too!!! I am traveling and seeing this whole different side of the world, but I would like to think I am done with this side of the country...I need Europe and my root country, Thailand and Laos!!!

8 1/3 more months.... until I am back in the States!!! or sooner who knows??

Happy March and I am glad Spring is here!!!! Did the groundhog come out with his shadow? I totally forgot to celebrate it..I usually do with my kids in the states....

Went to a Korean funeral today, my boss' grandpa passed away and it made me think of home...I need to go home cause my Grandpa and Grandma needs to see the world still and I think I need to take them....Plus my family needs me, I am like the person they ask to do everything for!!! But I love it, being there for them when they need me is priceless.....

My Grandma....She's a super woman...She is the nicest and most precious woman I know!!! She has unconditional love for all of her family members, especially my matter who they are or how you are related....She has a big big heart and never fails to show it!!!

I know I have been keeping myself busy, so I haven't been blogging, but I will again soon!!!
I love and miss you all!!!



Friday, February 11, 2011

Seoul Tower

The following day, Maychee and I headed to Seoul for the Seoul Tower!!!
It was ok, but next time if there is one, we want to go during the Spring to look at the city from above in daylight....

It was far and one guy told us we could walk there...we were like ok and got maybe a quarter and looked at each other and said no thank you! We found a taxi shortly after...LOL

Rode the cable car there and bused back down to the subway!

That's how far we are away from home...9,000 something kilometers......

The cute tiles...we did not do one...maybe next time!!!! There were like a million and people are smart they brought little pictures of themselves to put on the tile!

And the locks...couples go there and buy one....or bring your own I suggest...write cute love notes on it and throw the key away....ever lasting love????

Another thing off my to do list!!! Almost done then time for a new country!!! Anyone wanna join?


Korean Folk Village

During vacation, I went to visit Maychee and met up with new Hmong friends in South Korea. (Khambye and Toni) We decided to go to the Korean Folk Village. It was amazing, it reminded me of Laos, Thailand, how our parents used to live....before actually finding the place, we did a few circles around town, but it was all well worth it in the end, we finally went to the taxi stand and the taxi driver took us there...Imagine if we did try walking girls? :)

We did a little experimenting with some of the old machinery and even went traditional ice skating! Very very similar to our parent's daily lives back in the jungle minus the snow for ice skating...I think that was for the grains from the field...I was just posing, didn't do anything with it! Maychee loved the skating..I thought it was too dirty...Khambye and Toni just watched us and took pictures of us!
Other than walking around and feeling like I was at the Hmong New Year...We stumbled across some traditional Korea games and we played some....jump roping.....swinging from giant swings.....they have a game similar to tops, but we didn't try it.....

The Hmong gang @ Korean Folk Village!!!

Maychee, Khambye, Toni, Phumee

Oh how I miss seeing Hmong people at the Hmong New Years!!! Definitely better than this, but it was a really good Korean culture thing to do on my list of things to do in Korea!!!


Saturday, February 5, 2011


A view of Suwon from the bridge....every city looks alike!

This was the second day of vacation and May Chee and I slept in and went to Suwon to look around. We weren't sure if anything was open due to Lunar New Year. It kinda was and some shops were closed, but we had fun filled day!

We had pho, bought a book each because it hard to find English books out of the country! I bought P.S. I love you. I love, love the movie and the book is really good so far! It's like a whole new movie because it is slightly different from the movie.

Then we went to HOME PLUS. My first Home Plus in Korea! I like it, but I still love Target more! The best part of the day, Ice cream! You cannot go wrong with Baskin Robins 31 in South Korea. There is one at every corner like Starbucks back in the states... Koreans and their ice cream, they eat it year round....
And it's super cold here, it's not like Thailand where it's hot.

My Fave...Mint ice cream....and a new one something cheesecake! :)



Lunar Week Vacation -Seoul-

Finally I have time to go shopping and oh my, it is way too overwhelming! I'd rather shop online!!! But I did manage to buy some things...

Lots and lots of street food eating and little Korean souvenirs to send back home!

Finally something to make our long day fun and make us laugh! We were just walking and they put on a show, I guess every night and day! It was also in Korean, but we spoke English, so they did it in English...

Well I couldn't uploaded on here, it's on Facebook, but here is a picture.

That was it, shop, eat and walked the subway.

A little of my shopping, there's more, but I am too tired of taking pictures and uploading it!