Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nami Island

October 2

Sunday morning arises and we were planning on having a picnic over there. After cooking and getting ready, we were hungry and ate the food instead! It was going to be a long trip so it was a good thing we ate it!

After an hour on the subway they are still listening to their music!!! Koreans love to use their earphones on public transportation! I on the other hand, like to sit and people watch and listen to other people's conversation if there are people talking!

So we finally got to the station, might I add, it took us about two hours! Then we had to taxi over to the wharf, but the line was long, so we waited. While waiting, we had a good jazz, rock band to listen to. It so happens that the Jazz festival was the same weekend!
This was the band that was playing, I went to listen for awhile and took some pictures. It was good to hear a real Korean band verses the Kpop that I have been listening to.

On the way over, our taxi driver was a little crazy driving there and we were like going 80 KMPH....We were like o wow, we should have out on our seat belts! Then a car almost hit us, we had the right of way, but Korean drivers aren't the best at driving! Scary, but we stopped in time and the driver opened the door, honked ans stared at the other driver for a good 30 seconds! We were all speechless and just watched the whole thing!

Fianally we arrive at the Island and first stop was the "FIRST KISS SCENE." I haven't seen the movie, but I did watch this part, thanks to Nugee Yang! :) Not going to watch it, but glad I went there! Uey I got you something since you were the only one who i know that loves that movie and your BYJ guy...Is that his name? :)

There were like these same little snowmen everywhere! (In the movie, they built them and made them kiss, then they both did!)

We found bigger ones!

It was cold, but yet still hot enough for an ice cream cone! Nugee didn't have just one, she had two!
It was really tasty until it fell on my shirt and got it all over my hair!!!

Next stop, we passed the balancing rocks thing! There were some really tall ones, one almost as tall as me! I was tempted to knock it over, but I didn't! I dare someone to do it next time!

No trip is ever complete without a jumping picture!!!
Sheng and Toni are the first ones to go!

It took us like 5 tries, then finally we both did it!

Nugee and I aren't that great at coordinating to jump together at the same time!

So this is the famous statue that attract many tourist and even Koreans to this island! A Korean Drama, Winter Sonata was filmed here and ever since, it has been a hot spot! It is suppose to be romantic!

I love this picture! It is like we are frozen in time and everyone else around us are moving and going on with their lives!
Good bye Nami Island! It was a great trip, def like the Thai movie. There were so many people there visiting the little island!

ooooo FOOD...... All you can eat....First batch!
2nd batch!!! I think we had a third, but no picture!

Then off to Ice Berry we went! The yogurt was so soft and the fruits made it all the better!!!

Great day and spent it with wonderful friends and cousin as well!!! Can't wait til our cousin Bella's wedding next month! Choua, Shengmee and I are super excited! Nugee will just have to tag along, she is jealous of her HOT husband!




  1. aweh!!!! i'm so jealous of you all!!!!!! :( and so sad i missed this fun adventure!!!!!!!!! but i'm glad you guys had fun!!!!

  2. glad you blog our event... now i just need to start blogging mines...but my internet just died so i don't know when i'll get it up and running again.

    Yes, I can't wait till next month! I have to do a Twilight Marathon run before heading out to Bella's wedding. LOL!

  3. Phumee, live out my Korean fantasy for me please, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! :)