Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm coming home!

I'm coming homeI'm coming homeTell the World I'm coming homeLet the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday!
Can you believe I am coming home and leaving South Korea! After an entire year, I am ready and my dream is coming true, I have been wanting to go home since the day I got here! All these mixed emotions! Man I felt so lost, but now I am back on track!
I was happy to extend and stay for another month, but when I found out I could go home on time, I was sad, but happy at the same time. I think I was more just frustrated with Koreans and their work style, but I am happy now! After talking to my parents and sisters, they helped me a little! I know I shouldn't have been feelings the things I was feeling yesterday, but I had plans! And I usually go with the flow, but this was like plans to do things with people since I thought I had more weekends! But I am happy, excited, nervous and scared all at once now that I am officially going home!
Looking forward to driving...Or hire a driver, Amanda Yang!

My baby! It has been through a lot especially without me! Yer it better be clean! Road trip anyone?

My other babies...Auntie Phumee is coming home!!! Laser Quest and Big Bass Pro Shop here we come for the boys, mani and pedis for the girls!
My sisters! They need me...:)

KOPPY Guess who is coming home? The cooler P...JK Pajwhore!
My lovely cousins, Aunt and sister in laws!
Whew I don't know If I am ready, but ready or not here I come! I am so ready and then some days I wished I could live here in Hadong. It's simple here, I don't need much to survive and there are great people here!Definitely a place to visit once I am older and visit old friends!
I can finally say, 나는 한국 사랑 해요!


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  1. i wish we can trade places.. or.. i wish it was already aug 2012.