Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wake me up when September ends....

When is September going to end? It seems everyone else has been posting that September also needs to go away!!! I am so ready for DECEMBER!!! or 2012 period! I just feel so tired and drained! I think I am ready to go home and face reality! There is nothing here for me and the longer that I stay here, it seems life in general is moving forward and I am like stuck? I don't know if it all makes any sense, but it does to me!

I get nothing done here, I go to work, teach, come back home and watch my favorite TV shows or movies online....nothing too exciting except the people here in my town, who are all amazing people! Other than that it is like my sister always say, same routine, different day!

My family seems to be doing fine without me, but I know they need me dearly and I need them too! My kids are all growing up and talking, new ones on the way! So I already know what I will be doing once I am back home to reality! :) But I will enjoy it and make it last long because who knows where I might end up in a few months after my arrival!

New city, new place or even back here in KOREA? World, what is there to do? I know I am a TRAVELER so I cannot stay in one place too long anymore, 24 years in FRESNO, CA has done it for me! Did you know I did travel a lot too once I was older and in college! But I still have the next 10 years or so to travel and see the world before I start having responsibilities of my own!

This is more like me babbling to myself and writing what I am thinking at the moment, but it sure is better than just thinking it and not writing it down, so I decided to blog, not like anyone actually reads my blogs anyway! Only the EEs! :)

I wished I knew what is to come of my crazy adventures, but then what is the fun of that? I wished that I had someone to tell me what to do, but then I would refused and do it my way! So there is my answer, nothing will please me and I think I know what I am going to do, but then I don't and now I know exactly how my friend, Maychee was feeling when she was saying all this before she left! I told her, who cares, go with the flow, go home and enjoy then decide, but there is really no time to decide! Time goes on with or with out us and we are just here along for the ride! The ride may be bumpy, fun, crazy and going full speed, but we just tag along and go!!!

So LADIES, I am ready for new adventures, any suggestions? I am all for it!!! America, Thailand, Laos, China, Japan, Taiwan, South America, Africa, Mexico, Europe, or yes, even here in South Korea!

"Just call my name and I will be there!" hahahaha
Tell me what I need to do though....



Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good- byes? See you later?

Tuesday, September 13th

We woke up at Sheng's feeling super rested due to our long and exciting weekend holiday!!! We all knew it was going to be the last time that we see May e Chee for a while until I return back to the States and Shengmee, who knows when cause she is going to find a Korean Oppa....Nugee, well when we all move to the same city or I drag her outta Banning!!! So it was a bitter sweet see you later! I didn't realize what people were saying when they say that people come and go especially here in South Korea. You meet awesome and great people and then their contract is up and they return to their normal life back at home, where ever that may be! You keep in contact with some and you don't with some due to our crazy schedule....Life after Korea can be kinda hard to get back into or easy and you can forget it all!

I would like to remember and keep in touch with everyone I have met here, but thanks to my friend, Maychee, we are old chingus! :) We will cross path one way or another, even if it is overseas traveling or teaching, I will need some doses of MAYCHEENESS!!!

Maychee is like an older sister/ MOM! When I wasn't feeling too well, she got up and heated water for me and even gave me medicine to eat! I told her I will do it, but she insisted!
We woke up and cooked a home cooked meal, Hmongish, Americanish and Hangulish? :)

Bacon with sour bamboo, Korean rice and Thai/ Hmong pepper!!!

After eating and saying see you later!!! I headed back to my town, HADONG!!!

Before heading back, Nugee insisted that we do an intro to our KPOP concert video! How embarrassing was that? So embarrassing that I hope she doesn't use it as one of the intro piece! But yes the video is and will be ready soon for all you KPOP fan out there!

That night we all decided to skype and talk as if we didn't get enough of each other this past long weekend! HAHAHA

I know we are so late on skyping with each other! :) We usually just skyppe with family back at home and not here, but it was fun! I told them, I have to take off my make up and clothes and hair first! Cause only we know what I do every night! HAHA JK

But yes it is not a good bye everyone, I like to think of it more as a see you later and we will eventually cross paths somehow because we are all travelers! We will soon travel to the same country or travel to see each other, no matter where we all may be in our life, I am never too busy to see friends and family!!! This was hard, but I think it will be harder as you stay here longer and I am glad that I am going home and not having to see another friend leave! It will be my turn soon and I will see you all again soon!!!

Can't wait until tomorrow night because I will get to see everyone at my house and we will do some mad cooking! And continue the celebration of my dearest cousin Nugee's Birthday!!!



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mini Photo Shoot

Monday, September 12

Today we woke up and had decided the night before that we were going to have a going away photo shoot with the one and only Maychee Lo! Thanks to Choua and her amazing camera! The river and day was perfect! We even squeezed in a game or two of basketball!!!

We are girls and we eat alot ok? :)
We were hungry, but not really so we stopped by 7-11 and did a Korean style take out ramen noodles! Def worth doing it since we are in Korea!

Photo shoot begins and really it was more like a 10 min shoot only! We were really all excited to play ball with the one and only Choua Yang!
Maychee and I...My lost twin? Can you guys tell?
She is leavign back to the States as I am writing this blog! Can't wait to see you in CA!

Nugee and I!!! We are the same height! :) I am bigger than you, but you can be as tall as me! Then should we both qualify to get money? hahahahaha
Choua, you are the best at Basketball! I am not playing against you anymore!

Sheng you are too cute with your only KPOP music in your ipod!
I know I am UGLY! :)
Can't beat having the best cousins in SOUTH KOREA!!!

For fun! I am the strongest out of all these girls I think!!

This is for old times......
And then the real game begins! With around the world!!!
"stepped onto the basketball court... "Oh hecckkk no!!" hahahaha. you are so funny!" -Choua Yang

She is amazingling good.....I won't play against her.....Only with her!

Ended the night with a great meal and we will miss u dearly MAYCHEE LO!!!!

Forever Taegu and Hangul and HMOOB chingu!



Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nugee's Surprised Party!

Sunday, September 11

After a day of exploring Seoul and all the mini adventures! We were all super tired, but Maychee and Sheng had to get up early for Church! After they left, Nugee, Toni and I were still sleeping and then we had to lie to Nugee all day about all of our plans!

Toni and I did a Costco run! We are so new at this, where the boxes were and how to get to the food court after paying? You couldn't go back and eat once you pay! Bummer! I know, but I managed it somehow! :) Got my Polish Dog and Toni's Chicken bake!

Then off we went to start our surprised party for the one and only Nugee Yang! I couldn't have pulled this one off without everyone's cooperation and help! Thank you everyone for coming and eating out somewhat Delicious food! :)

Choua stalled Nugee all day from returning to her own house after church, all the while, Toni and I try to start our way up to her town! Ubujeong? I always say it wrong! I careless! JK I care Nugee! Finally Maychee and Sheng arrived with the cake and it was all grand, now just waiting for the eggrolls to get fried and Khambye and them to show up!

Thank you CHOUA!!! She did it and didn't spoil it at all!!!
Can you tell she is good at making many wishes! :)

Group Photo!

How many can you jam pack into an elevator? Can you count?

Walking in a large group is always fun, you never know what people are talking about or doing cause everyone has their own agenda...JK we were all going to get some singing in for the Bday girl and have Sam and Khambye do their firt dance! :)
The girls inside the notrabong room?

Walking the streets of Nugee's town and came upon these batting cages!! We all took a swing or two!

Look at her go!

Another great night and good company!!! Can't wait to share the story of our Photo shoot and basketball game!!!



Saturday, September 12

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I love going to Seoul and seeing friends and family! I didn't feel so well coming up, but with all your crazyness and smiles, I am glad I came up anyway! I headed up at 6 in the morning and got there earlier than I expected and started our day with a bow of PHO....

Mmmmmmmm it hit the spot for our cravings!!! And finished it with a sandwich to go!!!

Then we couldn't get through out day without our bubble tea with free bobas....And then shopping and more shopping..... A quick stop for chicken!

It was delish!!! So much food when we are all together...

Then we headed out to the Han River so we can do a last min check off list on Maychee's to do list in Seoul...Along with the Hello Kitty cafe and The Prince Coffee Shop...

It was a perfect day to just relax and enjoy the nice weather!

On the boat!!!

It was a cute little cafe!

Posing for Nugee...

Yes, we were there! :)

And then on our way to the Prince Coffee Cafe....

It was closed, but we got a few shots in front of it!

That was our Saturday, so many things in one day! We planned to do exactly all of that! I do not remember if we had dinner? Maybe nothing cause we were still full from everything?? Eating and snacking on Korean kimbops and chips.... Off to relax for another full day ahead of us and more things to do!!! This was a good day full of laughter and food....



Thursday, September 8, 2011

10 months!

So I thought I blog about just how I am feeling, because it'll be my 10 month anniversary and I will be away so I cannot really blog! And I am not usually good with writing about my feelings or what not! Maychee and Brother Kou for being the only people I knew coming into this experience! I don't know if I could of survived without you two! Love you both and you will forever me by best KOREAN chingus! :)

Maychee you like saved my life with everything you bought me, I couldn't repay u back in a lifetime! We will def see each other in the STATES! I will visit you and we can take my car around! I am on my mission and will continue to be until I find you know what for you! :)

Kou, if I need good food or a drinking buddy, I know who will take shots and shots with me! We always know how to have a good time!

But I have grown to love this experience even more and I would not change a thing, from writing letters to meet Nicole and Melinda! :) I will always be grateful for meeting you guys along with the Hadong crew (Martin, Jason, Brandon, Josh, Sarana, David, Lyn, Soly, Dowhee and Matt) and our many memories playing SLOSHBALL to simple dinners here and there! Definitely no more SoJu for me though....I will miss you guys all!

Having to have met Cece and hanging out with her! She is an awesome friend and will be missed until she returns to the STATES! Good times to come!

May o May! What more can I say! You like know all the people I know! Small world! :) Can't wait to visit you and do what we do best! I hear Jose & Jack calling our names! Mary you too!

All the Hmong friends that I have made here, o my! I am so glad to meet so many wonderful and strong young HMONGs in KOREA....(Mai Moua, Kuv Lub Npe, Susan, Judy, Ach, Pajai, Khambye and now Sam) We are def the ones who are making the culture more diverse and opening new doors to the younger generations! Guys...... you guys are all so cool too! :)

More friends and cousins having a Kodak moment!

Nancy the concert was great and one more in OCT!

Choua and Nugee!!! YPP....What more can I say! :) I love family and I am glad to have you two here! I will be thinking of you two and I might just come back!

Nugee I am glad that you decided to come also! I have learned so much from you and I know you learn from me too! :) I know our parents feel better knowing that we are here together, even though it is a 4 hour bus ride and an hour or two subway ride from each other! :) I will be ready in my bridesmaid dress for you upon your arrival! :) Love you!!!

My workplace for being the best and great kids! I love each and everyone of them! my room mate and best KOREAN friend, Joan, I couldn't have survived without her! I felt like it was the college experience I never had, living away from home! My Korean friends that I have recently made! You guys make me wanna stay and learn more about the Korean culture....My volleyball cub friends.......They will be missed every time I play! Just the Hadong citizens that I pass by everyday!

My Family and Friends back at home for all their love and support! I couldn't have made it through all these months alone! My sisters for amazing packages and gifts, they know me too well!!!! Martha, Jamie, Annda, Chong, Amanda W., Lindsay, Stephanie V., Natalie V., Pachua, Deana, Kelly for amazing letters, messages and gifts! And of course cousin Yia for my YPP YOUTH bracelets!
I was coming back! I am not going away forever! I remember this night like it was yesterday? Repeat soon? :)
Jamie and Jeu thank you for coming out and Annda, thank you for putting it together! I feel so loved that the brothers came out too!!!

KOPPY.....Aunties, cousins and friends (Lee, Sandy, Kia and Liz and Kabao) included!!! O the guys too! Are you guys ready for me to come back? :) With our crazy lives we always have the best times together, from gossiping to dinners and did I hear we are going to the BAR? Cause all you ladies need a night out ASAP and a celebration of all of our birthdays??? Ok guys, who is going to be our DD? Uncle David, Seng, Ler, Ling???? no takers? :) We'll all sleep at AL's then!

Siblings!!! Taking care of my parents or my parents taking care of them?

Late nights and Early chats with the FMAILY!

And with the best cousins in the world! Lina we don't have a Skype picture! Soon? :)

Who can forget the "EEs"?
Can't wait and more memories to come! Sheng my unnie! :) Come visit and I will visit you too!

I am grateful for everyone in my life! I hope I didn't forget anyone because I did say FAMILY, FRIENDS and COUSINS...Everyone is bound to fit in one of these categories or more!