Sunday, November 18, 2012

My ♥ for the TWILIGHT SAGA!

So yes, I finally saw it and now it is over.
  My EDWARD.  

My love started one day, my last year before I graduate from college, during Spring Break.
Anywho, long story short, it was during one of my uncle's funeral when the first Twilight came out.  My crazy sister in law and her sisters were reading the books, very intensely.  I told them they were crazy,I mean come on vampires????

I didn't give a rats about it!  

Fast forward, to next April...Spring Break.  I was bored n never saw the movie in the theater.  So my sister, Amanda, was like here watch it, illegally online.  It was dark and the volume wasn't even great.  She had to kinda explain to me what was going on...the deer and things...well the whole vampire thing.  hahaha

I immediately fell in love with EDWARD CULLEN.
(his character)

Then I went insane and read TWILIGHT in like a day or two.
New Moon followed and finished it with Eclipse.

I wanted more, but reading BREAKING DAWN got a little boring so I stopped.

Waited patiently for the rest of the movies to come out.  Yes, I have a twilight button, purse, and DVD.
Did not like NEW MOON.  ECLIPSE was better, but I love love TWILIGHT.
I think because that was the start of it all. 
(I will always love TWILIGHT.)

So yes, I eventually finished all the books and saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 when I got back from South Korea last year.  This year, the reason for this blog was/is because I finally saw Part 2 tonight.

I don't know how I feel yet, we'll see where this blog takes me.

I am happy that no one died.  For a second there, I was going to loose Carlisle and Jasper.  Thank goodness.  I forgot alot of the book, but it's ok.  I am still like, what? that's it? Wasn't there more?
I think I wanted more.  Overall I think I am happy with the way things ended.

I guess, I am not sure because I have to watch it a second time and maybe I am not ready to see my EDWARD go?

Who knows, but my 


is happy.