Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ending of a Great Year Dec 2014

Is always bitter sweet, the end of a year and the beginning of a New Year.
We fill up our December with Holidays celebrating with Friends and Family!

Here's Hadong in DECEMBER.
I love capturing the different seasons in Hadong.

December is also filled with birthday celebrations! 
Young Ju!
Not year older, just wiser...
Happy Birthday.

My days in Hadong, cannot go wrong with my lunch dates!
So Yeoun, now a married woman sneaks in lunch with me, when she can!

I need to do a blog about this restaurant.
They use all the healthiest ingredients and no msg.  It's cheap, delish and filling.
The side dishes are the best part of this place!

Dinner in Hadong with Friends.
Gihoon, Kou, Bren, Patrick, Bernard, Jason and Doyle.

 My friend, KATE!
When in need of great conversations, STARBUCKS, and shopping talks...go see KATE!
Our conversations are endless and we talk about everything and anything.
We want to see the world and drink coffee in every town we go to, esp STARBUCKS!
We could spend our entire day there, we went to 2 different Starbucks that day!

Merry Christmas!
Friends become your family when you live far away from HOME.
Christmas EVE dinner at Beaver's in Jingyo.

My sisters on Christmas...missing 2 and ME, the most important sister. haha
 Pahoua is expecting and will be due soon.  I seem to always be away when the new babies arrive.
I get to go home to new babies..,Our family is growing and only more to come!

Christmas time...chatting with family at home!
It is always a good time to chat and see my kids.