Thursday, October 27, 2011

Random Rambles

This is just me letting some air out! Not really anything exciting...So I know I am leaving in a few weeks, but it doesn't fell like it at all...I feel like stuck! And there isn't anything I can do. I just wished people were more productive on their part so I can start packing or not? I know I have to and I am so lazy...There isn't much to take back, but I wanna just pack a bunch of snacks and things for people to try at home!

Lately I have been the happiest in my Korea Adventure, making new friends and just really living...Before it was just like O I have 350 days left to 200 days left and now the numbers are down to two digits and I am scared!!! Not scared of leaving, but scared of what's out there post Korea. I know a lot of people stay another year or they go home and come back, but I just simply don't know. And I hate not knowing because I don't want to not do something right or wrong???

I wished there was someone to tell me what to do and I just do it! But at the same time, reject them if it isn't what I want? I know impossible, but a girl can wish can she?

Decisions, decisions....So many, but which one is the right one? The better one? The one that is more adult like? I don't know anymore, I thought I knew, but people have the most power on your decisions and it seems like I just have to make all the executives decisions on my own!

Enough rambling for now, I cannot wait to go to Seoul and see my EEs....I have missed you guys like crazy!!! Can't wait to eat pho

My Volleyball friends, I truly love them! They are like my older Mom's and Aunts.....

This picture was taken after volleyball, they asked Nicole and I to go to their house and drink mekgu! :) Good times!



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  1. oh phumee...tell me about it...yes, people canhelp decide for you, and give you suggestions, but it comes down to you. and what you think you should do. no worries, it will all fall into place...decide...and go with it, trust your instincts...even if they are scary. changes are good. you are a survivor, you'll make it work. and it will be happy and dandy in the end...and or at least you'll learn from it. (p.s. dont worry, i'm like telling myself this same thing everyday...) hehehe LOVE you!!! can't wait for you to return to the states. then u can relate to me and my 'back to reality' hheehe