Saturday, October 8, 2011

335 DAYS

Wow! Another month has come and reality is getting closer...As I am writing this, my family is at the BIG FRESNO FAIR without me! It is like a family tradition for the little ones, eating our beef jerkys, cinnamon rolls, and grapes! I miss all the fatty fair food! This weekend was going to be a relaxing one at home, but my weekend was full of excitement!

Friday, Oct 7

Day off because the students had testing and a school picnic! So Nicole and I went to lunch and ran a few errands in between! The jajangmin was delicious! I think the best one I have had so far here in Korea. It was across the Hadong bridge to the other side, which is a totally different province!

A walk along the street and took a mini break! Great picnic table area!

It was a really big portion, i almost finished it too!!!
Coming back from the post office to get some dessert! Love outdoor markets!
Came home, took a much needed nap and there goes my Friday night!!!

Saturday, October 8

SLOSHBALL GAME DAY!!!! And night out in Jingyo with the Hadong crew!!!

So this is what happens before a game!

night out! Love u two Nicole and Dohee!!!

More ladies from Hadong! Going to miss u all. including Melinda!

I love group pictures!!! Hadong Chingus!

Everyone had a good time and regardless of not remembering how, when and who and what happened?

Sunday, October 9

Went to the Jinju Lantern Festival, but forgot my camera! Ate pho and Vermicelli! Saw beautiful lanterns and regretting that I forgot my camera! I wished I had another weekend to go there, but uncomfortably, it's over already! O well all that matters was that it was wonderful!

Then Italian dinner at my house with the Korean Chingus!

What a weekend! Only a few more to go then I am home sweet home!
Cannot wait to see my friends and cousins in the states! We are going to own the nights again and drink the entire bar! :)



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