Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wake me up when September ends....

When is September going to end? It seems everyone else has been posting that September also needs to go away!!! I am so ready for DECEMBER!!! or 2012 period! I just feel so tired and drained! I think I am ready to go home and face reality! There is nothing here for me and the longer that I stay here, it seems life in general is moving forward and I am like stuck? I don't know if it all makes any sense, but it does to me!

I get nothing done here, I go to work, teach, come back home and watch my favorite TV shows or movies online....nothing too exciting except the people here in my town, who are all amazing people! Other than that it is like my sister always say, same routine, different day!

My family seems to be doing fine without me, but I know they need me dearly and I need them too! My kids are all growing up and talking, new ones on the way! So I already know what I will be doing once I am back home to reality! :) But I will enjoy it and make it last long because who knows where I might end up in a few months after my arrival!

New city, new place or even back here in KOREA? World, what is there to do? I know I am a TRAVELER so I cannot stay in one place too long anymore, 24 years in FRESNO, CA has done it for me! Did you know I did travel a lot too once I was older and in college! But I still have the next 10 years or so to travel and see the world before I start having responsibilities of my own!

This is more like me babbling to myself and writing what I am thinking at the moment, but it sure is better than just thinking it and not writing it down, so I decided to blog, not like anyone actually reads my blogs anyway! Only the EEs! :)

I wished I knew what is to come of my crazy adventures, but then what is the fun of that? I wished that I had someone to tell me what to do, but then I would refused and do it my way! So there is my answer, nothing will please me and I think I know what I am going to do, but then I don't and now I know exactly how my friend, Maychee was feeling when she was saying all this before she left! I told her, who cares, go with the flow, go home and enjoy then decide, but there is really no time to decide! Time goes on with or with out us and we are just here along for the ride! The ride may be bumpy, fun, crazy and going full speed, but we just tag along and go!!!

So LADIES, I am ready for new adventures, any suggestions? I am all for it!!! America, Thailand, Laos, China, Japan, Taiwan, South America, Africa, Mexico, Europe, or yes, even here in South Korea!

"Just call my name and I will be there!" hahahaha
Tell me what I need to do though....




  1. AWEH pHUMEE! see, now you know my ramblings on my blog? huh? hahahah worries, BUT YOU ARE correct, better start thinking of it NOW. so i recommend, work on your resume, look for jobs...or delete that last one...just work on your resume. :P :( i know. reality. life. grown up life. responsiblities. what to do? what to do? but its okay. this too shall pass, and we will look back on it, and be like what? why were we so crazy and thinking SO much. but yeah! excited for you to join me out here.) love you and miss you!!!! :) p.s. enjoy korea your last month and a few weeks.

  2. p.s. blogging (writing) relieves some stress huh? hahaha...welcome to my world! :)