Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A wrap of August!

Did this year go by fast or was it just me? I cannot believe that 10 months have gone by and I will be back in the States in about 2 months! This month was totally a blast and it felt like I was on vacation this entire month! Us cooking at Sheng's and we used a vitamin water bottle to make papaya, yes! And it was delicious!!!

So this is a picture of my chingus...they were all so tired after eating and decided to take a quick nap before we go off into the night.... Another great night in Seoul!

I just had to capture it! I only put it up because you can't see their faces!

So after a great meal at Sheng's we went to go get BUBBLE TEA and we all decided to pull out our many subway maps! Maychee just happen to catch us and caught a kodak moment! I think pretty soon I won't need that map anymore! I already know where all the places I go are!!! And need to go!

Thai Garden once again with the HMONG people and it was delicious!!!

Girls picture outside!

This is one with the group!
We added the guys! Except Sao the photographer!

And then we all headed over to the HAN RIVER!

It was my first time there and I loved it! Next time I am going to go during the day time!
People watch and have a drink with my friends!

These are the moments I am going to miss the most! Friends and Cousins just hanging out doing nothing and no plans!!! I will miss the people that I have met and I will always remember our many laughs and joy!

Countdown begins!!!

10 weekends and I am back in the USA!
Chusok weekend with Maychee, Nugee, Choua and Sheng!
Dinner weekend!
Daegu with Nugee!
Weekend in Cheonju with May!
Busan with Kou!
Ubujeong with Nugee!
Halloween weekend!

More weekends in Hadong to play Sloshball!



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