Thursday, August 4, 2011

Amazing-ling August

The months and weeks and days here in South Korea are going by faster and faster...It is already August and by the time I am ready to not leave this place, it will be time to leave! Finally Nugee and I hung out and spent a whole week together doing things we would never do at home. We literally went out every night and hung out with friends here in Hadong! First, pho in Jinju and Home Plus, then we finished the day at Baskin Robins!

Finally Beach Time!!!

Namhae Island

It was definitely beautiful and different from Haeundae Beach....I love beaches regardless!
We walked around and found a shady spot then ordered chicken on the beach!

Nicole and her never ending birthday!!!

We had a little fun bbq up on my hilltop....late night dinner.....It is so pretty up there! Especially with chicken and veggies and mini hotdogs. May and her sister Mary finally arrived after a four hour ride!

While I was away at work, they went out on a little adventure in my town, courtesy of Nugee...She was their tour guide! Then they went home to cook dinner and we had a dinner party at my house!

Look at the view from my hilltop! Nugee and May!

Our last night together we went out n got pizza and more Makoli to drink!!! I had so much fun ladies!!! It was like a mini vacation even though I still had to work and u guys went out in my town! Thank you for cooking and all, I cannot wait to join you guys in Jeju....

South Korea, I may miss you when I am back in the states!!!

3 more months to go and I am scared of going back to my normal life! I was just beginning to like my KOREAN normal life!!! I will def miss all the friends I have made here!!! Can't wait to go into Seoul and go tour Nugee's town!



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  1. See, Phu. I knew you would love Korea. You just needed a few months to warm up to it, that's all. LOL. I hope to see you when you get back home. :) BTW I'm happy that your have some Hmong company to keep you going too. Tell us more about Seoul when you get back.