Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jeju-do Island! 제주도/濟州島

Finally arrived in Jeju and officially on vacation! It felt like I was on vacation forever because the girls were over and we had a blast! But as I was flying out of Busan, Gimhae Airport, I forgot how much I miss flying! I love flying as I have mentioned before! It's the feeling of going to a new place and see what else there is to this amazing world, EARTH! The palm trees made me think of HOME....

We went to LOVE LAND!!! I love hearts!!! It's so cute!!! After 5 minutes of arriving it poured on us!!! Like heavy rain kinda... a bummer, but we made the best of it! :) After we went to eat at an Indian restaurant in Jeju, it was delicious that we went back a second time!

Food and more food....seems like all we did was plan our day to eat and eat!!!

The view of our beach! But our time there was short due to the Typhoon warning! But boy did we all have the best time there!!! Too much fun and poor May, always getting hurt somehow.

So pictures from the night before wasn't great, but we went on the beach at like midnight after rearranging some flights, rescheduling, canceling and re purchasing! I think I might change profession now to be a flight canceler? Is there such a profession? But we basicially went n played in the water and snuck in a few games! Truth n Dare and I never!

So we left and went to Susun's place and ate samgyeopsa....Love it....there were 5 girls and we ordered 7 orders! We love our meat!!

What is there to do on an island when there is a typhoon warning? What other than a jijibong? For those of you who do not know what it is basically where Koreans go and shower and eat and hang out in the many different rooms.... sauna, fire room, spa, fitness room, eat and PC rooms!!! I have never been to one, but there is always a first time for everything!!! So while we were there, I got DIPPIN' DOTS!! It was great....and stayed in the Sauna for awhile and ate eggs...hard boiled eggs....500 won each! No camera, but we got a few shots!

Monday morning comes and the sun is out and about!!! We went to the beach so we can get some JEJU sun before we all leave this wonderful island that has not been so great for us, weather wise!

Gotta have then Korean pictures!!!

Jeju Island....we will be back in a few years!!! After a few days here, we all have a love and hate relationship, but we will miss you!

Nugee took this picture! It turned out nice! Until we go to Thailand together! :)

Wait...the airport can be a great place to shop! Nugee did some damaged! I was good because there weren't any purses or shoes!!!

Dr. Jart's BB cream!!!

The best week ever! Laughter can cure anything!!! I think i lost all of the food calories to laughing and more laughing!!

I did get a pretty cool souvenir while in Jeju! Will post soon!



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