Monday, August 22, 2011

Maychee and Sheng's Visit!

August is not over yet! And I am having so much fun here in SK.... I love it when time goes by fast and memorable! I have been on a non stop mood since late July and still going, although I might take it easy this weekend and stay in or go to Seoul to be with my cousin, Nugee.... And so that Maychee, Sheng and I can continue our fun weekend up in Seoul! No more nature, just city life and more photo shoots by Maychee!

Our night started at 1 AM in the morning because that was the time that they arrived and the taxi wouldn't drive them over! So I met them halfway and came back to my place to do what? EAT and TALK of course! :) Stayed up way too late and went to bed at 4 in the morning or 5...

Woke up late and I made lunch, no other than LAAB and Spring Rolls....The easiest ingrdients to grab and store here in SK..... I also reheated curry from the night before, then we headed off to shop in this little town of HADONG.... Face Shop and ice cream from a mini stop and bakery goods with water and chips! Then off to our photo shoot up in the hill!!! HADONG PARK...

Here are a few shots that were creative and fun!!!

Maychee n I did some major intensive workout! :)
It was fun anyone wanna come and i will take you there, now that I know where it is!

Shots of us through the little dirty glass!!!

My friend MIKE joined us and we had him take a few photos of the three of us! Guys are useful right when there isn't a by stander to take our photo! The best one was the one of top of the three of us and more of SHENG as the model...

And then we decided to have him in at least one picture!

Phumee, Sheng, Maychee and Mike!

So we have been catching colors with Maychee's camera! It actually turns out really really nice!
I was not going to be in many pictures because I wasn't ready and my hair was in a bun, but I was like black and white ok? :)

Ended our very long Saturday night bowling and dinner with some Korean friends...Our scores for both games didn't go over 230 sadly, but we all did great!
Who wouldn't with our 2ne1 socks!

And of course our BALLS!
Had another late night Saturday and then finally......Ended the weekend in JINJU with lunch and BASKIN ROBINS ice cream!

Can't wait to see them again in the City of Seoul! O us and our many stories and I am still on the hunt for an OPPA for my chingus!

"Do you want to be my chingu's OPPA?" -Phumee
It's copyrighted! :)



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  1. Lol! "Chingu's OPPA". Thanks for having me and maychee over. can't wait for our weekend here in Seoul. i still have to come down and visit you to see..."you know who". LOL!