Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School

In America, it is back to school time! And you know what that means...Shopping and getting new things to use for the school year! It means new clothes, lunch pail, backpack, shoes and stationary items! I really do miss BACK TO SCHOOL shopping!! My parents were the best, they gave us a decent amount of money and it was a shopping spree to buy whatever we needed and more! I could have bought two nice purses, darn too late now!

I am sad that I did not get to see my little babies go to their first day of school, but it is not like I have seen them before also! I have always had to get up early and go to work! But these are moments that we can't miss because they all grow up way too fast and by the time we know it, it will be their HIGH SCHOOL graduation! I will be home for the new batch of kiddos, I think, 2 more years and the triplets ( Akeean, Carradee and Lexis) will all be going to preschool!!!

Toddler Muachi!

Bryant Muachi Thao rocking it out in Preschool!

Now a big 3rd grader! Watch out girls...He is such a sweetheart!

No one really remmebers him as a baby because he was always a great and happy baby! Always independent and helping out babies...He loves babies, even when he was a baby!

Baby Lily
Toddler Lily

Lillian Kashia Vang now in Kindergarten!

The older kids didn't post up any pictures, which I thought was odd, but I guess that means it was just another school year!



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  1. aweh. yup the little ones...simple joys we are missing, but being over here, we appreciate them more! don't worry, you'll be home for christmas! and YOU don't want to miss another one! :)