Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I will have to update this blog once I am back from it, but while in JEJU, Nugee gets a call that we got tickets to go see 2NE1 live!!! I am not a huge fan, but going to a K POP concert was on my to do list here in KOREA.

So Nugee and I have been listening to their music so we can be ready, but it is so hard to remember the lyrics!

I remember lonely lonely lonely.....and lilli lolli lollipop! Boy I want to buy u a lollipop???
I am not even sure if that is how it goes! And they do have a song that says...
I know I am ugly....strange lyrics, but who knows these KONLISH words....

Will post up pictures and tell you all how it went! I love going to concerts, so we'll see how they differ from American concerts!

2NE1 here we come!!!

Also only 3 more months here in SOUTH KOREA
I am excited to go home and see what awaits for me, but I know it is going to be bittersweet leaving.



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