Thursday, September 8, 2011

10 months!

So I thought I blog about just how I am feeling, because it'll be my 10 month anniversary and I will be away so I cannot really blog! And I am not usually good with writing about my feelings or what not! Maychee and Brother Kou for being the only people I knew coming into this experience! I don't know if I could of survived without you two! Love you both and you will forever me by best KOREAN chingus! :)

Maychee you like saved my life with everything you bought me, I couldn't repay u back in a lifetime! We will def see each other in the STATES! I will visit you and we can take my car around! I am on my mission and will continue to be until I find you know what for you! :)

Kou, if I need good food or a drinking buddy, I know who will take shots and shots with me! We always know how to have a good time!

But I have grown to love this experience even more and I would not change a thing, from writing letters to meet Nicole and Melinda! :) I will always be grateful for meeting you guys along with the Hadong crew (Martin, Jason, Brandon, Josh, Sarana, David, Lyn, Soly, Dowhee and Matt) and our many memories playing SLOSHBALL to simple dinners here and there! Definitely no more SoJu for me though....I will miss you guys all!

Having to have met Cece and hanging out with her! She is an awesome friend and will be missed until she returns to the STATES! Good times to come!

May o May! What more can I say! You like know all the people I know! Small world! :) Can't wait to visit you and do what we do best! I hear Jose & Jack calling our names! Mary you too!

All the Hmong friends that I have made here, o my! I am so glad to meet so many wonderful and strong young HMONGs in KOREA....(Mai Moua, Kuv Lub Npe, Susan, Judy, Ach, Pajai, Khambye and now Sam) We are def the ones who are making the culture more diverse and opening new doors to the younger generations! Guys...... you guys are all so cool too! :)

More friends and cousins having a Kodak moment!

Nancy the concert was great and one more in OCT!

Choua and Nugee!!! YPP....What more can I say! :) I love family and I am glad to have you two here! I will be thinking of you two and I might just come back!

Nugee I am glad that you decided to come also! I have learned so much from you and I know you learn from me too! :) I know our parents feel better knowing that we are here together, even though it is a 4 hour bus ride and an hour or two subway ride from each other! :) I will be ready in my bridesmaid dress for you upon your arrival! :) Love you!!!

My workplace for being the best and great kids! I love each and everyone of them! my room mate and best KOREAN friend, Joan, I couldn't have survived without her! I felt like it was the college experience I never had, living away from home! My Korean friends that I have recently made! You guys make me wanna stay and learn more about the Korean culture....My volleyball cub friends.......They will be missed every time I play! Just the Hadong citizens that I pass by everyday!

My Family and Friends back at home for all their love and support! I couldn't have made it through all these months alone! My sisters for amazing packages and gifts, they know me too well!!!! Martha, Jamie, Annda, Chong, Amanda W., Lindsay, Stephanie V., Natalie V., Pachua, Deana, Kelly for amazing letters, messages and gifts! And of course cousin Yia for my YPP YOUTH bracelets!
I was coming back! I am not going away forever! I remember this night like it was yesterday? Repeat soon? :)
Jamie and Jeu thank you for coming out and Annda, thank you for putting it together! I feel so loved that the brothers came out too!!!

KOPPY.....Aunties, cousins and friends (Lee, Sandy, Kia and Liz and Kabao) included!!! O the guys too! Are you guys ready for me to come back? :) With our crazy lives we always have the best times together, from gossiping to dinners and did I hear we are going to the BAR? Cause all you ladies need a night out ASAP and a celebration of all of our birthdays??? Ok guys, who is going to be our DD? Uncle David, Seng, Ler, Ling???? no takers? :) We'll all sleep at AL's then!

Siblings!!! Taking care of my parents or my parents taking care of them?

Late nights and Early chats with the FMAILY!

And with the best cousins in the world! Lina we don't have a Skype picture! Soon? :)

Who can forget the "EEs"?
Can't wait and more memories to come! Sheng my unnie! :) Come visit and I will visit you too!

I am grateful for everyone in my life! I hope I didn't forget anyone because I did say FAMILY, FRIENDS and COUSINS...Everyone is bound to fit in one of these categories or more!




  1. Phuuuu!!!! You're making me sad....(because I'm leaving...and I hate goodbyes tooo...I like to just brush over them....) :( BUT I WIll see all of you again! Esp. since most of us are from Cali! Love youuuuu! And I'm so glad you came to Korea tooooo!

  2. aw! i will miss you but will meet again back on stateside. love you! <3