Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Seoul, Kpop Concert & Nugee's place!

It's mid August so that means summer is slowly ending and FALL is around the corner! I feel like I have been on vacation forever now! I finally met Choua, another cousin living and teaching here in South Korea! Nugee, Choua and I taking a quick picture before our lunch at DINER's I think....It was one of the best burger I have had here in KOREA...

I think this is my first time at a FOREVER 21 outside of the US! Other than CANADA... It basically was the same except the prices! It goes up a few thousand wons...which is a few dollars! I only got a few items from this mini vacation!

So after lunch and a little shopping, the whole point of this trip was to visit Nugee, but we got on a list to go see the K POP concert! Little did we know that it was not in Seoul and it was in INCHEON! So from the World Cup Stadium, we had to get over to Incheon in an hour! So we thought about it and we were going to taxi over, but the fastest n quickest way to get there.... Got on the subway and got to the closest, well almost, then got in a taxi and got there at exactly 4:15 PM... It was about a 30,000 won cab ride and the show was priceless!!!! I am beginning to like K pop and my fave songs are by 2NE1, "Lonely, and UGLY."

There were so many groups there, and some that I have never heard of before! And then there was 2 PM, I recently discover that one of the member is Thai and he is kinda cute! So he is my Thai K POP boy! "Oh my boy, oh my boy!"

Girl's Generation!


And then the last group to go up! Super Junior! So much fun and enough Kpop to last me a lifetime and now I find myself listening to KPOP...It is quite good...a few songs at least!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Home at last @ Nugee's....Sao came to cook for us and it was delicious!

Two starters and a main course along with dessert!

O how we can have so much fun with a game of DARE...:)

All good nights must end and we start with a new day! At 4 AM we made eggrolls and ate them!

Monday, August 15, 2011

More shopping and lunch with all the HMONG friends/ cousins in Seoul. Leftover eggrolls on the grill....Great idea and yum yum with Korean BBQ....

Seoul always a joy to visit and leave...we shall meet again to shop again before I go home.... Still counting down the days here in South Korea and I will miss all the friends that I have made here.




  1. i don't know either why we had so much fun with the truth or dare game. maybe because we made it interesting and funny. LOL!