Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Summer in Haodng

So Summer is ending or we are approaching mid summer! I have not done much because I have been working and traveling to lots of new places and old places to see my friends here in KOREA... It just makes me miss home that much more because it is definitely not the same! I miss my family, cousins and friends in the USA......But then what would be be doing if I were there?

Growing up we have been busier with life and in general we just have more priorities than grabbing a bite or a drink, but we always manage to do so and they are life's little JOY....

Also summer means no swimming at AL's for me because I am here, but I sure do miss our pool parties! We always know how to have fun and live in the moment....Good times with the pool and I will still jump in in December!

Countdown begins!!!

Nugee is visiting Hadong in one day!

One week til Jeju Island!

Two weeks til I visit Nugee!

Three weeks til we celebrate kou's Birthday in Busan!

Six weeks until Chusok....Visiting Maychee before she goes home!

Twelve weeks til Halloween!

Fifteen weeks til Thailand!

Seventeen weeks until I am officially HOME!!!

Then Vegas here we come again? We should just pretend like it's all of our Birthdays because I missed everyone and I would sure like to celebrate like we never aged a year older!

3 more months in this country and I am sad that I will be leaving, but who knows what's in my book, I might be back to travel more of the Asian countries....No I am not coming back for the Korean guys! Maychee Lo and I are always discussing what we are going to do when we go back home? Real life will hit us and we are just going to let it!



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