Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Last few days in SK!

My sweet Nicole, you are awesome! Planning everything to the perfect gift to my journey! I love it and will always treasure it! I can't help. but feel special every time I open it! This was the last meal in Hadong with the people I love! Missing a few!

Grown ups being silly!

Me in glasses, weird, but I think I do need them!

Hadong, my home that I know I can always go back to! I miss everyone and everything about it!
After an eventful Friday night, and cleaning out my house...Staying up til 7 in the morning, not a good idea if we are going to make the morning bus to Seoul! Sat afternoon comes and Nicole and I headed towards Seoul....

A taxi ride from my house to the bus terminal 3,000
A four hour bus ride 22,900
An hour taxi ride 17,000
Getting ready to see friends Priceless


To me, I did not know that Choua and Nugee were planning a surprise dinner for me!
Thank you ladies! YPP!

The group before I arrived, I was running late!!! I mean I didn't know! If I did, I would have been the first one there! Thank you for coming, May, Mai, Pajai, Kou, Kate, One Shot, Toni, Sheng and of course Nugee and Choua!!! Kahmbye, you and Sam were there in our hearts!
Group Photo!

Just the ladies!!!
Then we went to a coffee shop and did a little photo shoot that I will share on FB!
Not the best, but so worth all the memories with my friends and cousins!
I will miss you all and South Korea! Come back soon, or I will come back!



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