Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Last few words about this crazy adventure!!!

Wednesday, November 16

As I am sitting here remembering all the good times and bad times in SK...I am so proud of myself, I really didn't know if I could have lasted this past year! I mean, it is a whole year away from family and friends. It took alot of courage I know and I am so proud of those who are away and still are! They are truly my inspiration to travel more and see the world.

When I arrived, it felt as I never left, except I could understand everyone talking! Because there were like a million Asians still on the flight! Until I got to LA, then it was like, O I am not in Korea anymore!

Sunday, November 20

I have been back a few days now and boy am I tired!!! Been going everywhere like crazy and sleeping like crazy! Went shopping and it felt so great, so perfect, where I belong? hahaha Reality is slowly kicking in because everyone keeps asking, are you going back? Are you staying? What are you going to do? Mualaiyo? LOL I don't know..I just don't know yet! Give me a few days and then weeks and then just give me til Jan. I think I will know by then! If not, o well I will figure it out day by day!

Been hanging with the kiddos and just relaxing...
Giving my Princess Carra a bath! She said monster!
Visiting Baby Aubreeah with Bryant!

I have also been eating so much since I got back..Normal American, Mexican, Hmong and junk food! I do miss Korean food now that I know I can't just walk down the street and have it.
And not enough, I cannot get away from kimchi and soju!
Hanging with the cousins!!!
Us just being silly...

No place like HOME!

O Korea, I shall come visit again soon, it might be sooner or later than plan, but I will return to visit my hangul chingus and my megu chingus. I miss you all and will always remember the good times!!!

Until a new adventure.....