Friday, November 11, 2011


My last day of work went great! Many happy tears and sad tears! A boy wrote me the most touching letter ever! I cried in front of him reading it! I know, I couldn't hold it back! I did the best I could, I just couldn't hold it back anymore! I love my kids and the people that I have encounter over this amazing journey! It is still unbelievable that I am leaving in a few days! I mean I am done with work, no more teaching!!

I feel bad cause these kids are all so innocent, they are used to the fact that a new teacher will come, but they never know who and how that person will be like. My kids are so sweet they were like we will always like u better. Some of them cried and I felt bad, i didn't want them to be sad, but it was all happy tears! They were like no cry, you are make me cry! LOL

I have been so grateful to come to this wonderful town and work in such a beautiful place full of nice people and they are all so welcoming. I still have to talk about all the things that I have been receiving! Hadong, you got the best of me, now I have to live up to higher standards.... I got the feeling of a small town child! Now I know, I really want my children to grow up in a small close knit community and appreciate everything around them!

Great last dinner with the friends of Hadong!!! Pictures and stories to come soon, cause it is about 7 AM and I am going to Seoul to meet with the EEs and Choua! I am going to do my last walk and hike in South Korea!!! I still have so much to do before I leave. Now it seems like I will never leave this place. It really seems like I am going on a vacation and coming back home in a few weeks! Home I mean Hadong home, but sadly I will be in the U S of A and I am scared!!!

Nugee, Sheng and Choua see you ladies tomorrow!!! Or let's say in a bit!!!

Nicole and Melinda love you! Couldn't be happier with you ladies in Hadong!

So Yeoun & Young Ju...What can I say, you ladies made my month all the better!!!

Mr. Noh you are just you!!! Nothing to say!!!

The guys of Hadong, Jinyo, (JOSH) thank you for all the jokes and laughter!!!

Thanks to Matt and his family for a great experience!!!

I'd do it again in a heartbeat!!! Just need the right time and place!

5 days!!!



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