Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cont...Last few days...

Sunday, November 13

Woke up and went to meet the gang for pho! Our famous place in Seoul...not just for pho, but for a sandwich too! Who would have think that it would be my last time eating there! I am going to miss going to Seoul and meeting there for lunch like every time! After pho, it was massive shopping, but didn't really get anything too special! I have nothing really for people, but I am going to wait and not give out any gifts til after my other trip from Laos...

So shopping was a success with So Yeoun, Young Ju, and Nugee....Ate Korean pancakes! And had lunch again! :) I know all we do is eat, eat and eat!
The girls came up from Hadong to visit me before I left! What great friends I have, I know they love me! Who doesn't? JK

I truly have been blessed to meet everyone that I did and they each made my journey a little more homey! I might of missed out on all the great people if I hadn't gone on this amazing adventure! I still cannot believe it has been a year!

I don't like saying good byes, so it was all more of see you later! I told all the Korean Chingus that I will def go and visit in 2018 for the Olympics. How fun? I mean we are all planning on it, let's see how many of us will actually go?

Went to costco to end the night and then Sheng's for dinner! After dinner, Nugee and I went to her place in Uijeongbu! An hour and a half train ride, but it was all worth it! She needed help doing some of her errands.... What a nice cousin I am? hahahaha
Woke up later than her the next day cause she had work and then I went to meet her for lunch. Ramen it is and it was delish! :) We later met up with Choua and Toni for a last dinner together at Nugee's fave chicken sandwich and brownies place! Stephanie's Cafe!!!

Last photos in SK with the ladies!!!
Choua, the amazing photographer!!

And then a last lunch date with my dear cousin Nugee Yang in South Korea!

After lunch I headed to Sheng's and I didn't have a subway map! I made it all the way! I am so proud of myself, I am officially a Seoul Girl, Sheng says! I know, I mastered almost everything and I am already leaving...It's ok, I might return, who knows what's in store for me?

Went to Sheng's, took a nap and went shopping again! There were things that I needed and what better more than last minute shopping that overflowed my luggage! I threw away more clothes and it still didn't fit...The joy of traveling overseas!!! Great last dinner with Sheng and then Starbucks to collect my free planner, I wanted it to be from SK, so I have something for myself, since I didn't get anything for me to remind me of that place! Thank you to everyone who contributed, esp Nicole! :) I won't tell if you won't!

Thanks again Nugee and Sheng for having me when I was homeless in South Korea!!!

O Korea, I will miss you!




  1. Phumee, i think everyone misses you already! :)

  2. i hope you left me some of ur clothes at Sheng's!