Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good- byes? See you later?

Tuesday, September 13th

We woke up at Sheng's feeling super rested due to our long and exciting weekend holiday!!! We all knew it was going to be the last time that we see May e Chee for a while until I return back to the States and Shengmee, who knows when cause she is going to find a Korean Oppa....Nugee, well when we all move to the same city or I drag her outta Banning!!! So it was a bitter sweet see you later! I didn't realize what people were saying when they say that people come and go especially here in South Korea. You meet awesome and great people and then their contract is up and they return to their normal life back at home, where ever that may be! You keep in contact with some and you don't with some due to our crazy schedule....Life after Korea can be kinda hard to get back into or easy and you can forget it all!

I would like to remember and keep in touch with everyone I have met here, but thanks to my friend, Maychee, we are old chingus! :) We will cross path one way or another, even if it is overseas traveling or teaching, I will need some doses of MAYCHEENESS!!!

Maychee is like an older sister/ MOM! When I wasn't feeling too well, she got up and heated water for me and even gave me medicine to eat! I told her I will do it, but she insisted!
We woke up and cooked a home cooked meal, Hmongish, Americanish and Hangulish? :)

Bacon with sour bamboo, Korean rice and Thai/ Hmong pepper!!!

After eating and saying see you later!!! I headed back to my town, HADONG!!!

Before heading back, Nugee insisted that we do an intro to our KPOP concert video! How embarrassing was that? So embarrassing that I hope she doesn't use it as one of the intro piece! But yes the video is and will be ready soon for all you KPOP fan out there!

That night we all decided to skype and talk as if we didn't get enough of each other this past long weekend! HAHAHA

I know we are so late on skyping with each other! :) We usually just skyppe with family back at home and not here, but it was fun! I told them, I have to take off my make up and clothes and hair first! Cause only we know what I do every night! HAHA JK

But yes it is not a good bye everyone, I like to think of it more as a see you later and we will eventually cross paths somehow because we are all travelers! We will soon travel to the same country or travel to see each other, no matter where we all may be in our life, I am never too busy to see friends and family!!! This was hard, but I think it will be harder as you stay here longer and I am glad that I am going home and not having to see another friend leave! It will be my turn soon and I will see you all again soon!!!

Can't wait until tomorrow night because I will get to see everyone at my house and we will do some mad cooking! And continue the celebration of my dearest cousin Nugee's Birthday!!!




  1. Lol! when i find a OPPA!?! that was funny. love reading your blog cause it makes mine sad... i need to update on mines! :(

  2. yeah sheng update yours!!! :) i know...goodbyes are sad...but no worries! thank goodness we're all from america...we can see each other again!