Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mini Photo Shoot

Monday, September 12

Today we woke up and had decided the night before that we were going to have a going away photo shoot with the one and only Maychee Lo! Thanks to Choua and her amazing camera! The river and day was perfect! We even squeezed in a game or two of basketball!!!

We are girls and we eat alot ok? :)
We were hungry, but not really so we stopped by 7-11 and did a Korean style take out ramen noodles! Def worth doing it since we are in Korea!

Photo shoot begins and really it was more like a 10 min shoot only! We were really all excited to play ball with the one and only Choua Yang!
Maychee and I...My lost twin? Can you guys tell?
She is leavign back to the States as I am writing this blog! Can't wait to see you in CA!

Nugee and I!!! We are the same height! :) I am bigger than you, but you can be as tall as me! Then should we both qualify to get money? hahahahaha
Choua, you are the best at Basketball! I am not playing against you anymore!

Sheng you are too cute with your only KPOP music in your ipod!
I know I am UGLY! :)
Can't beat having the best cousins in SOUTH KOREA!!!

For fun! I am the strongest out of all these girls I think!!

This is for old times......
And then the real game begins! With around the world!!!
"stepped onto the basketball court... "Oh hecckkk no!!" hahahaha. you are so funny!" -Choua Yang

She is amazingling good.....I won't play against her.....Only with her!

Ended the night with a great meal and we will miss u dearly MAYCHEE LO!!!!

Forever Taegu and Hangul and HMOOB chingu!



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