Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nugee's Surprised Party!

Sunday, September 11

After a day of exploring Seoul and all the mini adventures! We were all super tired, but Maychee and Sheng had to get up early for Church! After they left, Nugee, Toni and I were still sleeping and then we had to lie to Nugee all day about all of our plans!

Toni and I did a Costco run! We are so new at this, where the boxes were and how to get to the food court after paying? You couldn't go back and eat once you pay! Bummer! I know, but I managed it somehow! :) Got my Polish Dog and Toni's Chicken bake!

Then off we went to start our surprised party for the one and only Nugee Yang! I couldn't have pulled this one off without everyone's cooperation and help! Thank you everyone for coming and eating out somewhat Delicious food! :)

Choua stalled Nugee all day from returning to her own house after church, all the while, Toni and I try to start our way up to her town! Ubujeong? I always say it wrong! I careless! JK I care Nugee! Finally Maychee and Sheng arrived with the cake and it was all grand, now just waiting for the eggrolls to get fried and Khambye and them to show up!

Thank you CHOUA!!! She did it and didn't spoil it at all!!!
Can you tell she is good at making many wishes! :)

Group Photo!

How many can you jam pack into an elevator? Can you count?

Walking in a large group is always fun, you never know what people are talking about or doing cause everyone has their own agenda...JK we were all going to get some singing in for the Bday girl and have Sam and Khambye do their firt dance! :)
The girls inside the notrabong room?

Walking the streets of Nugee's town and came upon these batting cages!! We all took a swing or two!

Look at her go!

Another great night and good company!!! Can't wait to share the story of our Photo shoot and basketball game!!!




  1. OMG!! wish i was there!! i hope she had a blase!! i know she "LOVES" SOJU!! lol..

  2. She does! LOL Mary I am going to come visit u!