Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bieber Fever....gone Hmong....

Just thought I do a quick blog about this cause this is really what Teachers in Korea do on their free time! Surf the internet and Facebook all day until class and we come back to our usual lesson planning on FB....

Today's topic: Beiber Fever gone Hmong.......

xoxo you know you love the Bieberster!!!!


oooo Bieber Fever just gone Hmong!!!! O Leej Muam! :)
I think i just had the Bieber Fever!! LOL heres my hmong version of "Baby" by Justin Bieber, which i rename in hmong as "Leej Muam", basically meaning girl i...
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    • Nugee Yang Pader Yang needs to see this. (Show it to Avelena please) lol
      43 minutes ago ·
    • Phumee Yang lol it's cute huh?
      43 minutes ago ·
    • Maychee Lo how cute! i'm aboutto post it too
      43 minutes ago ·
    • Nugee Yang very!!
      43 minutes ago ·
    • Phumee Yang He should of rapped in Hmong too! LOL Thaum kuv mua 13 xyoo....
      42 minutes ago · · 1 person
    • Maychee Lo hahaha
      41 minutes ago ·
    • Phumee Yang Finish the rap girls........
      41 minutes ago ·
    • Nugee Yang hahahahah
      40 minutes ago ·
    • Phumee Yang Mai E. Ahh finish the rap in Hmong! She will too! :)
      40 minutes ago ·
      39 minutes ago ·
    • Martha Xiong I really enjoyed this & i actually liked his cover of it. I like I like
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    • Maychee Lo ‎(i wished he had continued in hmoob...) :D
      36 minutes ago ·
    • Phumee Yang u finish the rap Martha!
      36 minutes ago ·
    • Nugee Yang it's too fast.. i can't even understand what he's saying
      35 minutes ago ·
    • Phumee Yang lol
      35 minutes ago ·
    • Maychee Lo ‎(finally finished his WHOLE song! so hmoob tiag tiag---mosquitos!) lol
      34 minutes ago ·
    • Nugee Yang how do you translate "starstruck"
      33 minutes ago ·
    • Phumee Yang Nugee! Hnub cib
      33 minutes ago ·
    • Phumee Yang wait that's sun..what is star in Hmong?
      32 minutes ago ·
    • Maychee Lo lol
      32 minutes ago ·
    • Lee Vang hey this wasnt so bad.....
      24 minutes ago ·
    • Brandon Ochi Thao Put this as my status phu!
      22 minutes ago ·
    • Ue Yang Tbh...certainly not bad
      20 minutes ago ·

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