Monday, July 25, 2011

Out and About in Korea

This past weekend I had Pho with some friends in Jinju and came back to celebrate Nicole's early birthday with her and the Hadong foreigners' gang!!! Playing Slosh ball....

Invited my Director because he has been asking me what I do and I told him that we play baseball....So he asked if he and his friends can play with us....So they came along n we ended the night with Dinner and more drinking....

Lesson drinking with the BOSS.....How embarrassing!

But O well....

On a different note...Maychee is leaving Korea and I am beginning to feel home sick because life here is just really times......I only have about 3 months left and I hope it comes fast.....I know there are times where I am like " I might wanna stay another year, but today it's like I MISS HOME and wanna go home ASAP."

I was talking to ONG, my cousin and telling her that it is so weird because I am always skyping with her at my house and it's weird!!! Because I am not there.

I can't wait for the many little trips coming up and Nugee and May visiting me in a week...Then Jeju with Maychee and the girls...Then finally visit Nugee and spend some quality cousin time together!

Until next time!


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