Wednesday, July 20, 2011

8 Months and Weekend Getaways!

Only 4 more months left here in this Country!!! I cannot believe how fast it has been...I gotta say I am enjoying it more and more each day, but I do feel like I need to go home and stay awhile!

Nothing feels like home, the family, the friends, and food...Home made!!!

So everyone was posting about TRANSFORMER 3 and last weekend, I finally saw it in Daegu with Maychee, Cece and Sheng! It was so sad, I almost cried when Bumble Bee was gonna get killed!

Then on the way home had to stop by and look at Cece's man....He is the owner of a Korean Italian Restaurant......He is handsome...I was starring at him and our waiter at the Teddy Bear shop!!! After 8 months and finally two cute Korean guys!

So we had to get a picture since we won't be visiting anytime soon!! His name was Ku Ja Tae? Then off we went home and stopped by Leiolie for some quick make up.... trying new products..

I spent less than $20 so it was all worth it!

Beautiful GEOCHANG, where Cece lives! But she will be moving so no more going to that town...But all Korean towns look the same!!

Then this past weekend I went to Daejeon and met more Hmong people! As I am writing this, I am late on my 8 months so like only 3 and a half months left because I have been super busy and haven't had time to post anything up!!

Maychee is doing a countdown and I think I should too....

1) Cece visits Hadong
2) Nugee and May visits Hadong
3) Nicoles's Birthday
4) Jeju
5) Visit Nugee and cook Hmong food
6) Visit Maychee
7) Korean Thansgiving, visit Nugee and Maychee
8) Visit May
9) Shop, Shop and Shop
10) Thailand
11) LAOS



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  1. Phu, you're so funny! You almost cried in the movie. Lol! Yes, I would have to agree with you. Those two Korean guys we're cute.