Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekend of Sloshball

What a weekend! Rain, sunshine and sloshball all in one! And an injury!

It was Jason's birthday and we went for a great game of SLOSHBALL!!! It's like baseball, but with a twist, of alcohol.....And FUN.....

I haven't played in years, but after a few strikes, I hit the ball!!! Made two runs and contributed to the team until I pulled a leg muscle! Then I was out of the game!

There's me in the field, first base!!! I think i only played 2 innings! All I have to say is, it was tons of fun and great exercise, I am going to stretch more and longer next time so I can actually play longer without getting injured!

Oh how I am beginning to love Korean Medicine, my leg was hurting all Sunday day and night and then today, Monday, I went to the Pharmacy and got an ointment! I already feel it getting better! So Daegu here I come this weekend! And going to watch Transformer 3......

Until a new adventure!



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