Friday, January 6, 2012

Laung Prabrang

December 5, 2011

Last day in Xieng Khoung....Another road trip to a new city....Laung Prabrang...

Good byes at my uncle's house!
I had a great time with Nyab, my cousin sister in law, and her kids!
She took me shopping, but more like I paid for everything! hahaha I enjoyed it and everything was cheap!

In Laos there is this intersection where it divides into three main road.
One goes to Vientiene, another one goes to Xieng Khoung and last, but not least the last one goes to Laung Prabrang! I was telling my Dad, Laos is so easy, I practically know my way around the country now! LOL Not!

Took us a whole day to get there and we found a place to rest and sleep.
That night we went to the night market and found a cheap buffet, it was ok, didn't taste as good as food that we were used to, but it was full filling.

December 6, 2011

Woke up and went to go tour the famous city Laung Prabrang!

The Hmong gang from America, except my Aunt that lives there. ( Far Right)

We made a quick stop by the Mekong River. This side of the river doesn't go to Thailand, but I did get a chance to go and see it from Vientiene.

This stop is special because my Dad came to visit his long lost cousins. It was kinda hard getting in touch with them, but finally they called and said they were on their way and will arrive soon.

We had a few hours til dark, so we decided to go to their National Waterfall Park.

Reminded me of Thailand and the waterfalls there, I sometimes that they are neighbors and how similar they are.
We stopped and took pictures like everywhere, well I took most of the pictures and snuck into a few of them.
Here is to a great background, minus my sweater that is hanging from the rail. It got super hot in the afternoon so we all took off our sweater. Laos also had some crazy weather!!

Beautiful!!! I need to travel and sit to paint all these beautiful scenery!!!
That means I need to start taking Art lessons!!!

New adventures with the cousins soon.....



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