Friday, April 6, 2012

March Madness!!!

O March was MADNESS!!!

So many things happened in March! And I have caught most of it on Camera!!!

Cousin CHOUA came to visit and we had an Fresno/Clovis adventure..
Boba from Pearl Tea House...
Red Velvet Cupcakes from 2 different places!!
(she did a mini review on them too!)
And ate Hmong food..(home cooked)
went to Pajai's Wedd
Stayed up all night to chat with Nugee and Sheng

O Sweet Pajai!!
Pajai and Jerry Yang

Kabzaug and I at the wedding!

My Baby Akeean turned 3!
O no..the terrible threesss...
AS sweet as can be...
And FINALLY....a MTT party that I had to think about...the outfit part!!!
That was fun and again, Happy Bday Kabzaug!
us @ Tiff's housewarming party...
Great house!!
I am getting married there! lol

Then my niece Cat turned 16!
So many birthdays!!
Finally....Lady A concert!!!

Our xmas gift from my sister Pahoua!

You think March was crazy...I already see April as busy as can be!!!

Decisions decisions...I feel you Maychee LO!!!

to go or not to go?
to stay or not to?
o LIFE!!!
so many decisions...



In need of a new adventure! Take me somewhere!!

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