Friday, January 6, 2012

Him Mum Pheeb

December 4, 2011

This is the day!!! We are going back to visit the old village that my parents lived before coming to the US of A. It was amazing that my dad can remember every road and walkway that he used to walk on. Where all their fields were and where all the relatives used to live.

Preparing to go...and stopped at a cousin's house before going. They still live there!

My dad and the cousins!

A quick stop by the pretty flowers! O so fun!

Their live stocks!

Going there brought back alot of good memories for my parents and I feel they truly miss their home, but they have def moved on to call AMERICA their home.
As for me, I have just always wanted to go come back with my parents so that I can relive it through them!

O the beautiful!

Life seems so simple, but yet you have to work so hard.

After a day in the old village, it was time to go back home and relax before heading out to Laung Prabrang. What a great day!



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