Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb ♥

Can you believe it? It has been about three months since Korea and two months since Laos...

What have I been doing? ABSOLUTELY nothing to improve my life! :) Well a little, I got to hang out with the kiddos and do all the dirty MOMs' jobs!

-soccer runs
-pick ups
-drop offs
-late nights with them
-all the things in between

The kids and I have been going to local parks!

Hanging with the ladies...LOGANS happy hours!

Finally out of FRESNO for a day!!!
My fave getaway place!

The the start of a new month!!!
I went to SAC with Ong! We had crawfish for dinner!
(of course we shared with Nelson, but I bet we could eat all 5 lbs huh ONG?

One of the purpose of the trip was to visit my chingu, May from KOREA.
She is here on vacation and I had to see her!
♥ u May!

What's next with Phumee???

That's my question too! Any ideas? Give me some, I am in need of inspirations....
I am ready to go on another vacation, so my goal is to not waste another month.
So bring it on REAL LIFE, I am not ready, but I am going to overcome it!

More roadtrips and life changing events soon and will share soon!

25 years on this planet EARTH.



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